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Rachel 11-27-2015 10:10 PM

PTOQ Poll - Just for fun - Pets
Who are the crazy cat ladies on PTO?
Who has a pack of PTO pooches?
Do we have a Dr Doolittle in the house?
Or do some of you prefer to live life without cat dander and paw prints on the kitchen floor?

Take our fun poll and have your say.
Results to be published in the Winter Edition of PTO Quarterly.

frostwoman1954 11-28-2015 02:36 AM

Being disabled, I got a special needs chihuahua named Abby. She's a sweet loving little girl who sleeps with me. I always feel better when she's up with me. She helps me not miss "Daddy" as much. I'm blessed with her in my life.


Dakini 11-28-2015 09:04 PM

Three male cats and two male chinchillas.

patchouli 11-29-2015 01:19 PM


One - Just me and my little buddy
I have 3 little buddies, but I don't think you were asking about BOB :hmm: :blush:

Other than those, I have one fish. Yes, just one fish. A purple beta named Georgie

mooshy 11-29-2015 02:02 PM

I cat and 2 bunnies. All rescues and all black and white - unintentionally colour coordinated!

nimuay 12-11-2015 01:00 PM

2 horses
2 dogs
2 cats

Then there's the Rest in Peace contingent - hog-nosed snake,10 cockatiels, 3 Pacman frogs, a hedgehog, 8 bunnies, 6 other dogs, 4 other cats, one other horse, a prairie dog, and it goes on...

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