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Gary Dimitris 01-30-2015 10:24 AM

Hospitality Center Inquires???
Hi...from PA,
My name is Gary, and I use to be an active member back in the day. I am interested in helping prisoners...and so, I was wondering if any one heard of having a hospitality (prisoner release) center located in the United States. This type of center would take care of immediate needs of anyone being release from prison i.e. need base services...etc..

What I am inquiring about is localize services, for instance, a person is incarcerated in a local jail; say Lancaster County Prison that is situated in the city of Lancaster, Pa. It is in the middle of winter when a person gets released, but was jailed in the middle of summer. Upon their release, they are released in 20 degree weather with a pair of shoes. But in ideal conditions...across the street there is a hospitality center across the street from the prison. This center would be able to provide winter cup of coffee, support...and referral to other more needed services i.e. food, clothing, shelter, etc..?

Has anyone one ever hear of this type of Welcome Center for prisoners upon release...if so, please...we would be interested in knowing more about it... thanks, Gary

yourself 01-30-2015 04:33 PM

Nope, never heard of it. Mostly families take care of that stuff, though at the jail level, attorneys have been known to help with clothing, setting up an otherwise homeless/jobless/ etc prisoner with services or people who can help with services.

Guys who leave prison or jail usually do it on parole or probation. Very few max their sentence and have no supervision. When they leave on parole, they leave with an "approved home plan" that may include halfway house placement if they have nowhere else to go.

You will have the same problem that everybody else has with people who have nobody, or those who are too mentally ill to understand what it means to have people - they won't trust you.

Btw, lists of shelters and the number for the Salvation Army and the like are usually given to people as well, should they max out and leave without a place to go.

You are going to have a ton of problems unless you coordinate with the social services available at the prison, the parole department (remember, being around known felons can be a PV), and get an attorney on board to help with issues like alcohol and drugs, sex offenders, dealing with juveniles and adults in one building, and coordinating social services.

jleeb 01-30-2015 09:24 PM

Check out the doors in Fort Worth texas

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