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Mark61917 08-05-2017 04:13 AM

Looking for educational requirements & base salary for Juvenile Corrections
Hey man, I know you posted this years ago however it's worth a try lol

I just graduated high school for years I thought and kinda still want to be a police officer, my reasoning is I want to help children. I had a rough childhood but thanks to the amazing family support I was able to get back on the right track. My question is what are the education requirements to be a juvenile institution officer? Would you know their base salary? Thank You

fbopnomore 08-05-2017 05:46 AM

Pay and benefits vary depending on the agency, and the job you are applying for. Federal agencies are often paid better than local or state positions, but there are lots of people applying for each opening. Don't limit your search to one agency or job.

Do your homework, find the right job(s) for you, complete whatever educational training is required, and keep applying until you are hired.

sidewalker 08-05-2017 06:12 AM

Try this

Im assuming you are interested in CA. Other states you would have to google their websites. Those types of things might be listed. (educational, any certificates required etc)

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