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pickingbolts 06-30-2018 01:03 PM

TDCJ employee involved PRE and visits suspended.
Recently my fiance got moved to his ID unit in Texas, and we have been maneuvering around dodging all types of crazies. Just recently at his unit he was assigned to turn out for work, he really wasn't supposed to do any type of work due to hardware placed in his foot. The result of shrapnels going through his foot and parts of his leg, this left him with not only a disability but also exrutitiating chronic pain. My fiance has completed 4 tours in Iraq in 2014 and was placed on disability through the V.A. with an Honorary discharge. He was brought to his ID unit earlier this year and we have been dealing with inappropriate behavior from one particular TDCJ employee. A couple of months ago I decided to reach out to TDCJ myself to see if an outside advocate for an inmate would help any since the number of I60s dropped by my fiance was all in vain. Anyone who has been through the system in Texas knows that TDCJ works at a glacial pace, you would be considered lucky if an I60 was even looked at, much less receive a response. On this particular day I called my fiances unit to see if I could receive an answer or maybe some direction in fixing this matter, the matter being "an inmate is suffering from pain to his foot, pain caused possibly from extended use of injured foot." I get a hold of someone who was not sure of what kind of answers to give so I was redirected to this TDCJ employee. As soon as I'm patched through I identify myself in the most polite way and I give my fiances name, number and reason for calling. Somwhere between giving this TDCJ employee this information and her use of her computer *I'm assuming* or whatever information she recollected about my fiance from inside her brain on the day of my fiances initial intake, the entire phone conversation subject at hand went opposite. When I described my fiance as "my partner" at the time that's what he was she aggressively asks me about his sexual orientation, why his orientation was not documented, if his mother knew of his sexual orientation, she even threatened to get PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) involved. Which she did. I was very very appauld by her behavior and the way she handled the medical situation on that day. It was never reailved, nor was I given any information on what the status was on my fiances medical restrictions. However I was harassed by someone who was supposed to be in authority, someone who supposably was to trust. Instead I hung up the phone shaken up and just couldn't believe what I just heard, instead I was left with the feeling of mistrust and fear of my fiance getting hurt. At the time I was too shaken up to even ask if what I experienced was wrong or if any of my rights were violated? Luckily I took some advice from a close friend and I record all phone conversations, including both times I tried to get answers from this unit. For some odd reason they always patch me to her. I do not trust this woman, just a few days ago she took me off my fiances visit list. All because we were trying to get a contact visit between my fiance and myself. In the recent quick conversation I had with her she seemed very happy to tell me what is devastating news for me, and even then she still asks and wants information that's totally irrelevant to her. Always about our relationship. Its very awkward. I've been seeing my fiance through regular visits at his transfer unit and twice at his ID unit, then our visits were taken away abrubtly. Is this wrong?? Any of this?
Fast forward to 201

fbopnomore 06-30-2018 02:05 PM

No, it isn't right but prison employees usually do whatever they want anyway. Make sure that your fiance agrees with anything you do. He is the one at risk for retaliation, where all they can do to you has probably already been done (nasty phone calls & no more visitation).

He can address his forced work with a documented disability through medical, and if he receives documented denials, through the US government because of the Americans with disabilities law.

Being harassed, or solicited for sex by a staff member is separate from his medical issues. He can try to get a transfer, but that requires the approval of the same prison staff he is having the problems with. I hope he can find a way to resolve, or at least improve his situation, but help from outsiders often backfires.

Texasflower08 07-03-2018 01:06 PM

Thats so terrible.

CenTexLyn 07-03-2018 06:57 PM

1) I-60 requests would not have been the manner to address this. A SCR *IS* what should have been submitted since it is a medical issue. No change to restrictions were going to occur without medical staff looking at him. Further, if the issue was not noted at the time of the original intake interviews, then it becomes even more complicated because they have to make requests for free-world records.

2) ANY time it is discovered that an offender is gay, it implicates PREA in the current environment. A review has to be done to determine whether a move to safekeeping custody is warranted. Because of the incessant SJW whining, the agency is going to over-react when being gay was not disclosed at intake (it is specifically asked about) precisely because it creates a liability situation even in frivolous litigation.

3) Unless a HIPAA release has been executed that authorizes the release of medical information, they cannot discuss (by law) the medical restrictions

4) PARAGRAPHS...learn them, use them!

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