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KelceyShumaker 01-06-2016 09:12 PM

Getting my husband help
We live in maryland and my husband was court ordered to go to rehab....... over a year ago. He got of the DOC and 5 days later was picked up on a detainer in Pennsylvania. Because of this, it caused the court order to expire. Once he was released a did everything we could think of on our own to get him into treatment. not only does he suffer from substance abuse, but he also has bi-polar disorder. His probation officer maryland calls him a liar about contacting who he could causing him to relapse (he stayed clean through out his stint in jail) and she violated him. He did the evaluation again and had his VOP hearing. However the judge did not sentence him, but did not release him unless he did outpatient treatment while awaiting placement at a treatment program. But the judge hasn't even signed the report and no one is doing anything to help him. I feel so helpless because my husband wants the help. Has anyone gone through this? He should have have this all done and over with. But this stupid state seems to think he's better off in jail.

fbopnomore 01-07-2016 08:16 AM

My opinion only, if he can sign up for outpatient treatment before the judge signs the order, even if it is just AA or NA meetings, he will be demonstrating his willingness to address his substance abuse problems on his own.

KelceyShumaker 01-07-2016 09:08 AM

He is going to NA meetings at the jail and is taking his medication. However, in maryland (according to the judge), my husband has to be admitted to an outpatient program first. So a facilitator from the program has to evaluate him at the jail. Catch is, 90% of facilities here don't do that. And the ones that do won't travel out of county. We did however, find one, but according to his lawyer, he can't do it which is BS because he told me he could. It also sucks because it's the same facility that will do his inpatient treatment as well. We're just a dead end and it's frustrating. It's a back and forth between everyone we've been talking to and it's getting nowhere. Here is a man that knows he needs help, wants the help to get better, and he can't. As I told someone else, the jail will only do so much... And there's only so much my husband can do from a jail cell. I'm doing what I can but since we're not married, I can't make decisions based on his behalf.

I call him my husband, because we're practically married... Just not legally.

bumblebee37 01-09-2016 12:02 AM

If he's attending those AA meetings in jail, the ones guiding the round table know of programs and rehabs in the area for him to start writing for acceptance into their programs. He has to seek them out, you cannot do it for him. We all probably suffer from bi-polar disorder because we are drunks/addicts trying to function without our crutch of choice.
He needs to get serious, find a sponsor and dig into the program. No one, not you or anyone else, can do this or work his programs for him. That's probably why the judge hasn't done anything. He has to want it and find it.
I hope i haven't hurt your feelings. That is not my intention. If he's hitting meetings then he has the tools. Mary.

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