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Bubzie 02-23-2013 09:54 PM

Intro--Bubzie from Ohio
I've never been in the situation that I am in now. I wish that I could completely tell all, but since everything happened yesterday I'm still quite shaken up.
Basically my boyfriend had some components of a meth lab in our apartment, which is in my name, and we were caught, not manufacturing but with the components.
I'm not so worried about me, this being my first charge ever, as I am worried about him because this would be considered a violation of his probation and I'm ultimately worried that I'm not going to see him for a long time :(
I suppose time will tell and we'll see how things go, I'm trying my hardest to be optimistic and not worry about things that haven't happened.
I will try and be as active as I can on this site because from what I've read I think it will be very helpful :)
Get in touch if you're from Ohio! I'd really love some support right now..

fbopnomore 02-24-2013 10:52 AM

Welcome to Prison Talk. I'm sorry for what you guys are facing. Your lawyer (s) are who to talk to about what may lie ahead. Be careful about posting specifics about your case on the public internet too. I hope everything works out for the best for both of you.

KKAD 02-26-2013 09:27 PM

I live in Cleveland, sorry about your situation

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