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onedayatatime13 10-21-2020 02:22 PM

Visitation at Elmira Temporarily Canceled

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases among the inmate population, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision announced Wednesday, visitation at the Elmira Correctional Facility will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

DOCCS also says all transfers in or out of the facility have also been suspended at this time.

According to DOCCS spokesman Thomas Mailey, as of Wednesday, there are 278 active COVID-19 cases among the inmate population at Elmira Correctional, all of which are asymptomatic. Eight people have recovered, 319 have tested negative and 475 tests are pending.

bearmoody 10-22-2020 03:02 PM

Email from my son in Elmira.
So the whole A block reception is locked down right now so they can test everyone for covid. A lot of people have been getting sick from it and rumors are that two people already died in here because of it. So I have been doing nothing but sleeping and doing sudokus I've done like 112 sudokus in the past two weeks. So I was sitting on the bed listening to some movie and I saw a big roach come into my cell so I went to kill it and it went in the wall behind my toilet, so I went back to listen to the movie and then I saw the biggest roach ever come in to my cell like five minutes later. That thing was so fucking big I swear it was carrying a dead mouse on its back. Soon as I turned on the light and got up it ran out of my cell.
There was some big wigs walking thu A block today, they weren't to happy when they talked to a few people about them not letting us clean our cells and other stuff going on. There was two guys and a lady all wearing suits walking around. I've been here almost 6 weeks and they never gave me access to anything to clean my cell. I'm going to be so pissed if I end up getting covid. If I end up getting it, its because they moved me do a different cell up to 4 gallery closer to the people that have been testing positive for covid. They also just moved people from the hospital down on the flats that just tested positive the other day. When I got here for the first few weeks there was COs that weren't wearing masks or anything until people started to get sick more and after two people died from it. If I do end up getting it get ahold of my lawyer and see if there is anything he can do. I guess there is a lawsuit against Elmira prison about people being held here during the covid outbreak and not releasing people, I guess its on the news and someone said that the lawyers for it are saying that if you have someone in Elmira prison to call them. They are talking about a compensation and releasing people or some shit. I would look into it and do some research on it and see what the stipulation is. I probably don't fall into the category for it tho. wishful thinking tho. They are talking about releasing people on an ankle bracelet if they are under a certain amount of time. IG is in here talking to everyone about what's going on he said he's going to try and make it better for us in here. He asked me if I get access to cleaning supplies and if the COs and inmates are wearing masks or if we are social distancing I laughed and said no. I told him I've been here six weeks and I've been able to sync my tablet once, he's like so no contact with your family. I hope they get fucked over by Albany. Albany said that we will be able to get on the phone today so we'll see.

onedayatatime13 10-22-2020 03:10 PM

I am so sorry you have to go through this.

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