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kkali76 08-13-2020 12:03 PM

New to Iowa
Hi Everyone,

I have a lot of knowledge about working/dealing with prison systems in some other states but this is my fist time dealing with Iowa. I understand they use Corrlinks like many other places but i'm trying to figure out where to put money on my phone account. Also my lo just went to classification a couple days ago, how has that been working since COVID? Has Iowa been releasing people with nonviolent charges since COVID?
Also is there another forum or place people use more that this one in Iowa? I see there are not many posts compared to other states.

Thank you!!

fbopnomore 08-13-2020 02:29 PM

Welcome to Prison Talk. Here's a link to the Iowa DOC's inmate information page.

Here is a link to the form needed to prepay phones.

and Corrlinks email.

yourself 08-13-2020 03:47 PM

Iowa is governed by Kim Reynolds - nobody is getting out due to COVID as they are one of 2 states without a mask mandate, which should tell you just which direction they lean when it comes to public health and politics (note, this is the state overall, not the entire state - there are some pretty cool places in Iowa with a more restorative justice perspective, but the state as a whole is very Tough on Crime, b.s., b.s., b.s..

It should be noted as well that Iowa has been woefully under staffed for a number of years, making it much less likely that programs and movement will be available in a timely fashion.

Iowa law was written in a different era in terms of basic structure. Iowa thinks people should do prison time and are prison leaning while at the same time, somewhat progressive and feel that people should not be burdened with the felony tag as easily as in say Illinois. To explain - Iowa has an Aggravated Misdemeanor which is punishable by up to 2 years in prison. Similar crimes in Illinois are Class 4 felonies, where the emphasis is on not locking somebody up for 1-3 unless there is a good reason. But, while you would tend to get your freedom in Illinois, you become a felon. Iowa, you do time, but are not a felon for the same offense.

Otherwise? Lots of meth, lots of opioids, not enough guards, some facilities (Anamosa, for example) are quite old and crumbly. Iowa does have Grinnell College which still does an in person prison program. As a highly selective/exclusive college, the college education that inmates get through their program is outstanding, but there is a long waiting list. More info here

Beyond that? Watch the speed traps around Independence, IA. Also note that Iowa has significantly defunded mental health resulting in very few community supports, very few forensic beds, and limits on in prison mental health.

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