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JusttheWife 10-15-2008 05:28 PM

Midpoint Halfway House Fort Collins
My husband is being sentenced to the halfway house. Can someone tell me about the rules, what he can take etc. Also communication etc. I also see that alot of people who are in the halfway house seem to get sentenced to Prison from there. Why is this done? Is there a determined amount of time that one is sentenced to halfway house. He is coming off a violation of probation and being sent to halfway house. His original sentence a few months ago was 4-12 years. Is this just the running of the bulls (by this I mean is probation just step one, half way house step two and prison step 3???) I would like to know everyone's experience and what to expect.

StephBee 10-15-2008 06:04 PM

unforutently I know all too much about hwh's and you're not in for a picnic by any means. The reason that there are a large number of people going from hwh to prison is because the house imposes really unrealistic rules for people to follow. You're expected to not only be an upstanding person, but to have no personal life whatsoever and to never have a thought of your own.

I don't know about midpoint specifically but chris, my boyfreidn, was in one in boulder for 3 years so I know most of their rules and, for the most part, subtle ways to get around them.

There are phones in the house he'll be able to use most likely. He will no be allowed to have a cell phone, a personal bank account or anything that requires him to sign anything. it's realy stupid but the house has this concept that they own you and you can't sign your name to anything. He's allowed to bring his belongings I believe but nothing can be more valuable than 2 or 3 hundred bucks. (which is stupid cause most guys have ipods which are ALWAYS more expensive than they're allowed to have)

He will have to get a job within a short time of being there, will have to pay rent (insane) and pay for treatment. If he's late in his payment,s that's grounds for them to terminate his contract and send him to prison.

They're supposed to be a guideline for how long they're in the houes, but there's no set time. For example, the average at BCTC (HWH in boulder) is 5 months. Chris was there for 3 years and only had 1 major write up (being out of location which I will explain shortly). Got another write up was "rolled back" which refurs to getting sent to prison and has to finish the last 8 months of his sentence in prison.

It's tough. They have to put locations (work, the store etc) on a preapproved list and then "sign out" to those locations. They have to be able to be checked in on at those locations (for example phone monitoring to make sure they are where they say they are). If the get caught being somewhere they aren't supposed to be or even just saying they weren't at that location, they get written up. Sometimes the first one is under lienecy and sometimes they will roll them back. His best bet is to follow this rule since at least 50% of the people I know get rolled back for this violation alone.
if he fails to pay for anything, they can roll him back. if they don't like him, they can roll him back. if he talks back, they can roll him back. I'm not sure if this was just because chris was doing SO classes or not,b ut he was not allowed to have any sexual contact (no kissing, sex etc) (course this didn't stop us :p)

He may be lucky and go through the house in 6 months and finish off his probation. It sucks because sometiems you can be following all the rules and miss your bus, get back to the house late and get rolled back.
The best metaphor I can think of is uber strict parents. No dating, you must be where I say you can be and home on time or else.

if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I've been through the whole process (Probation violation got chris sent to hwh and out of location got him sent to prison) unforutently and went through it for 3 years.

PM or just reply and I'll try to answer any questions you have. :-)

HWH is better than prison cause at least they're on the outside and phone calls don't cost 5 bucks

JusttheWife 10-21-2008 03:35 PM

I appreciate your honesty. I like to know what I am in for. I had heard it was the first step to heading for prison. My husband is now in the halfway house and I have not heard from him. He is also a SO. He seems to think that prison would be better because someone told him it is the only way to get thru your time...That they can just keep adding time with the way the parole works here in Colorado. Because of your letter I know not to expect much word from him. Should I take his name off our bank account?

StephBee 10-22-2008 03:06 PM

They won't add time unles he revokes or does something stupid (like new charges). From what chris has told me, probation sucks because they can arbitrarily add time (which is why he cliams he is glad he screwed up his deferred sentence, I hav emy doubts) but the direct sentence to halfwayhouse and parole are different. They have a set length and set discharge date. Chris is technically an SO (despite the fact that he has no sex charges whatsoever, but it was apart of his plea bargin...stupid court appointed attorny didn't tell him what he was getting himself into).
It's not the first step to prison, or at least it's not intended to be. In fact, lots of guys in prison apply for comcorr to get out. The problem is that they have unrealistic expectations of these men and very very few can live up to them and if yo ubreak the house rules, they terminate your contract and that's considered a violation.

I wouldn't worry about taking his name off your account unless you think he'll try to use it. Chris was allowed to have a savings account, but not a checking. They don't want you to have instant access to your own money.

He'll call when he can. He has to get a job really quickly and he should be able to communicate with you from there somehow (which is how I kept in contact with chris till he was able to get a phone.. I won't suggest taht to anyone, he was extremely careful and never got caught with it but had he, it's a write up)

oh! the deal with "adding time" is each time you get written up for something, they remove earned time days. So in a way, you're adding time...kind of. If he keeps his head clean and doesn't do stupid stuff, it should only be like 2 days here, 2 days there. Grand total, in all 3 years chris was in the half way house, he had like...30 days of earned tiem removed. Funnily enough, when he did revoke, they gave them all back to him. Silly DOC.
Parole in colorado sucks. Plain in asimple. Which is why when chris does get paroled, we're going to try to move to NY (I already live here for school) and it's much, much easier here. But again, they won't extend his parole unless he majorly f*cks up.

A lot of guys that came and went through the haflway house told chris he was insane for not selfrevoking and just finishing his time in prison but I think he made the right call. dealing with the bullsh*t sucked, but we wouldn't have the relationship we do if he had been in prison the whole time. It's all about what your guy can put up with.
It won't be easy, but you can still have a relationship with him in the house. ANd not one based on visits once/twice a week and 20 minute phone calls. If he can make it through the rules, he'll be fine, Otherwise, he'll be finishing his sentence inside DOC sadly.

You're lucky though in that he will probably only be in the house for a year max. Chris got screwed for NO reason and we're working with lawyers to present that to a judge and get them to say yeah he got screwed and had the house done what they were uspposed to, he wouldn't have revoked and woudln't have been sent to DOC and hopefully reverse the sentence.
After the house he'll goto one of a few places. SLA's are shared living arangements where he'll live with other cons and have his life monitored but not as extensivly. or he'll get his own apartment and have to report in (like legit parole) or he'll be on one man accountibility meaning he'll be with one other con and they'll basically verify eachothers actions.

Again, i'm unforutently a pretty good expert on this whole halfway house nonsense so please feel free to ask any questions you can think of. I wish I had someone to tell me what to expect.

EternallyHis 10-22-2008 03:32 PM

I think Ft Collins is the one my friend's man went to...he said it wasnt bad at all for him...

HWH can be a good thing if you are willing to suck it up and play by their rules...I ahve seen people leave successfully from them...they can work, eventually get furlough and pass time when they hit isnt bad...IMO prison time is easier to serve but as far as what is easier on a family HWH i think is...because they can help a little you know?

StephBee 10-22-2008 07:15 PM

It just depends on the guy. THe biggest problem I think he'll face is being an SO...or at least, that was chris's problem. Because he was classified and SO he was put into a program where no matter what he did, they wouldn't give him leisure time or anything, One of his/my freinds there now has been there for like 4 months and already gets 10 hours a week. Chris was there for 3 years and got 1-2...This is boulder too mind you. Each company and each county is different. I really hope you have a better experience than I did.

There is one really good thing about HWH's though and that is they have some great programs. Chris didn't need to be in SO classes since he didn't technically have a sex offense and is an idiot (:p) but he has told me the program really does help those who need to be there and he didn't mind being the 1 person who was forced to take it so that everyone else could get the help they needed. The programs will teach them self control hopefully.

EternallyHis 10-22-2008 07:58 PM

see that is a good point about the SO thing I hadnt thought about that

NotSoPatiently 10-28-2008 10:27 PM

I guess it really depends on the person and the HWH and the crime. Ed was in CC in Alamosa and he didnt really have any problems. He was allowed alot of passes and yes the checked on him while on pass but not alot. I went down often on weekend and he took passes to places like the park because of the kids and stuff like that. We always got 9-12 hours per day over the weekend out of the house - 3 to 4 3 hours passes and he only had to call in when he changed location. If he was denied a pass for any reason we were allowed to go to the house and spend a few hours. He was able to call anytime he wanted on a payphone using a regular calling card that we just kept reloading. I may be reading the other posts wrong but as far as I know they can not add time on unless you get new charges and they can not take away time that has already been credited to them. If he gets in trouble they can not give him earned time for a while but they can not take away time already credited. Also I guess it is different in certain situations be Ed still earned 10 days a month earned time even in the HWH. (Mind you direct sentence may be different) Don't remove his name from any standing account - he is allowed to keep those just not start a new one. Be sure to mark anything you may take him or send him with his name or they may not give it to him. Every time I went I took DVDs for Ed. He was also able to buy stuff from any store but make sure he keeps the reciept because they may not let him keep it or take it in if he does not have the reciept for it. We never ran into the unrealist rules that people talk about - just the rules and yes you do have to abid by them. Anyway Eds time in the HWH was not the horror that I keep reading other people had thank God.

StephBee 10-30-2008 07:59 PM

It was a total disaster for chris. He wasn't allowed passes, wasn't allowed free time, he basically could work or be at the house. i wasn't allowed there and it was just all around bad. The thing NoSopatentialy said about earned time is what i meant, sorry if it came out wrong. Earned time is credited after the month served is over so if he gets a writeup sometiem during the month, he won't get all 10 days at the end. But once you get your earned time, they cannot take it away (I think there are some pretty extreme situations when they can but hopefully you'll never hear about them, let alone run into them.)

You and Ed were luckier than chris and I. He drew a bad facility and got a therapist who hated him who sat on her hands whnever possible.
Being an SO's going to make it harder, that much I can tell you. Other than that, it all depends on the luck of the draw.
Best of luck, really. And again, ask any questions you can think of and I'll do my best to answer them. :)

(Oh, and for the record, chris was direct senteced as well)
And yes, keep reciepts for everything. THey aren't allowed to own anything that costs more then 200 bucks and the house wil take copies of recipts!

tonysbaby 02-17-2009 08:55 PM

Hey for you that have experience with the HWH's in CO, I was wondering what they were like compared to other's in different states and if there is one that is better. He will be coming out of Englewood FCI and was sentenced out of SD but I am thinking that we (his son and myself) are going to be moving to CO soon and I just wanted to know what the HWH's were like there. I know that it is not a simple process to get it changed from doing his HWH time in SD to CO but I just wanted to make sure that it was something that he would benefit from and not make things worse for him by switching everything to CO. Also if anyone has any experience or knowledge of the Federal PO's in CO that would be great. I know this is a state forum, but I thought that I might get more of a response from here than the Federal forum since it is about CO.


seansbabyluv 02-17-2009 10:57 PM

I'm not sure how the Federal stuff works with HWH here. The previous posts referred to state prison and county jail sentences. You would have to check with BOP and see what HWH he would be eligible for here and then post it for us...otherwise we don't know anything...:confused:

tonysbaby 02-18-2009 01:03 PM

Well, this is basically how it breaks down. Usually the last 10% of the sentence is spent in a HWH, usually no more than 6 months. Wherever they are sentenced out of, is where they are required to do their HWH time, his being in SD because that is where we were living. However, neither of us want to live in SD, even though that is where our son and myself are living now. I am ready to relocate to CO, but probably not for a year or so to let my son finish out the school year and by that time I will be done with my MBA. But when I went to go and see him last weekend at Englewood FCI he asked me to find out how hard it would be to transfer (which I already know) and to find out how the HWH's are in CO.

So that is basically what I need to know. I think there are 5 HWH's in CO, Colorado Springs, 2 in Denver, Durango, and Grand Junction. I just wanted to see what they were like and if anyone had any insight on them. I don't even see the Ft. Collins one that everyone was talking about. I am not sure if it is only for State or what.

Anyway, hopefully this clears up some of what I was saying. I just wanted to know if anyone had any info on the HWH's.

Thanks for all of your help!!

seansbabyluv 02-18-2009 04:47 PM

Here's the link to the federal community corrections center here in Colorado...hopefully that will give you some info. I believe it's the only place your husband can go, it has to be federal.

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