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sidewalker 12-09-2018 07:45 AM

Tis the season.....of the ant invasion
Every year around this time, we get an ant invasion. Well it hit after the gully washer we had last week.
I still have not baited for them. I cant figure out the best spot to put the bait that the dog wont get to.
(he's so nosy...)

They are in the master bathroom, probably the hall bathroom (which I refuse to go in as son keeps it in horrible shape and I dont wanna go all psyco on him) and the kitchen. So far they are avoiding the sugar bowl, and the butter dish (its a covered one)
Little bastards! They are just annoying.
I even took down the now empty hummingbird feeder. Poor babies keep going to check it and I went to fill it and its full of ants too. I noticed after I took it down the ant population seemed to be less inside the house, but I was wrong. They are still scouting the counter and sink.

I have this product that works, but it takes a while to get rid of them. Its got borax in it. Going to have to figure out a few spots to bait and hopefully they will get the hell out of my house.:blah:

Girl22472 12-09-2018 11:41 AM

I recently had an invasion and I got the Terro liquid ant baits that were in the little plastic containers. I had them places the animals couldn't get them and they only leaked out a tiny bit at the edge of the container anyway. My kitchen was completely infested. I noticed a difference within a few hours and by the next day they were gone and the containers were full.

onedayatatime13 12-09-2018 11:50 AM

I'm going to spell this wrong diotomaeus earth. Spread it on the perimeter of your home. Dont breathe it in though.

miamac 12-09-2018 12:59 PM

Lots of different versions out there, even DIY, but I use this to keep ants out of my bird feeders:
Without it, the thing is swarming with red ants. Only thing I found that helped our sugar ant problem back home was to put out the bait stakes and every few days run a line of liquid dish soap along the places I knew they were coming in (on the outside, for example our big spot was under the bathroom and by our garage). They won't cross the sticky gel. But they will go around, hence the bait stakes.

sidewalker 12-10-2018 07:10 AM

There is no telling how they are getting in. But they are here.
I did bait, with the liquid terro works but sometimes can take a long while.

I use small lids off of like yogurt containers to put it in, and they all gather around it.

They have not found this one yet. I have to keep it off the ground cause of the dog.
Same issue with the diatomaceous earth. (dont want pup breathing it in even tho it says food safe...etc)

I got up this morning and see ants all over the table. Hub brought home some goodies from the people he took to some gathering yesterday. (A group of Armenians.....hub loves to do that one cause they let him eat! lol)
He's gonna be pissed because they are all over his goodie box.
I told him. Dont leave anything out.

I cleaned out the humming bird feeders. Was tempted to leave the one on the table outside rather than hang it in the kitchen window. I figured screw it. I'd still have the ants anyway, and rather than move the feeder I'll just bait the damn ants.

Gonna have to put out a ton of the bait stations.
Hope they work fast.

Ne Plach’ 05-23-2019 06:48 PM

New Help with Ants ?!
I remembered this discussion so thought some one here has an idea.

We have lived in this flat since we moved from overseas. There has never been a problem with ants until now. In the past 2 days, 11 have been killed. My mum keeps adding more to the tally & freaking me out! We do not know what to do.

We live on a level above ground so the use of kieselgur with soil is off limits. Also, I have a large parrot & a small animal for whom we need a non - toxic options. Birds die from coatings of frying pans in the air, so that should give an idea, how we need a sensitive solution.

They are avoiding the ant traps [ white box things that you can buy] cause they are focused on one room today! I have left pots of white vinegar out too.

I don’t want 11 to turn into 22 and so on. Any ideas?

sidewalker 05-23-2019 10:04 PM

yes. Use a product called Terro. It has borax or some other thing called something similar.
You can buy them at any hardware store or other like store.
Its a liquid sort of like clear syrup. I put it in a spot near where you see them.
Its not safe around pets so put it inside a cupboard or something that the bird cant get to. It may take a while but it does work.

Trust me.........11 ants are NO BIG DEAL.
lol. I had like a million. (ok maybe not a million but hundreds.......)

They also make a powder (does not work as well)
I also used to spray windex on the *trail* to try to get them off the *path*

NO crumbs, grease, oil or anything sweet should be left out.
they just stink.(ants....hatem)

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