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pdr112 08-23-2006 05:18 AM

RSAT in riverside county California
I am about to go to serve 365 days in county jail but the judge reffered me into a program called RSAT residential substance abuse treatment program in Riverside California. Does anyone know what I can expect? Will I still be incarcerated? How long will this last?

Unique Ways 08-24-2006 02:26 AM

i live in riverside county an i haven't heard about this program. but that's not to say there isn't one. if its residential then it more than likely won't be in county. i am a alcohol and drug counselor here too but i mainly work with teens. i can find out about this program an get back to when i go to work. my guess is you'll probably be in county until the program picks you but again its only a guess. i haven't been in the county for a few years so i don't know what their offering now.

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