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Husbands & Boyfriends in Prison For everyone who has a husband, boyfriend or male partner incarcerated.

View Poll Results: When you dream of him, what kind of dreams are they?
1hoochie1, 2014isouryear, aannabethh, aggies2009, aicimle1, aj1111, Alexgirl, allhis77, AllinHIStime, almondcaramel, alwaysmylove, Angelsbaby46, arialove, Asantemode, aundriamichelle, Babydoll818, babygirl350, BB Gupton, BBQueen, bdogswifey, bean123, blah8705, blairloren, BrandonsWifey, Brooklyn721, ButterFliez, chanelem17, chevyswifeyy22, chris' darling, coachy1, cristinas, daddysrider, dalesgirl, daligogh, dasieygirl2009, dc's girl, delapenakl, dizzymaiden, drinkthesea, elishaxo, ericwife1978, FutureMrsWilson, futureperry, gagirl09, Geauxin'KraZee, GlassCastle, GottaMakeIt33, Gregsgirlx3, hartbehindbars, HazelEyez305, Heluvedme1st, His Bonnie, His Future, HisBabyKaykes, Hisoneandonly, hiszsweetheart, His_wifey1216, His~love20, HizBabyGirl21, HL4EVER, Ilovemyinmate10, IrishAngel518, Isaacsweetie, Isabella69, J&MG1113, JCMiller, JennND1, jeremys_girl, Jinty62, JnV1998, Joeysgirl74, johnnysgirl4, johnswife66, jonnysmomma, Just Jen, katie1126, Kay_2012, KC_Queen87, KeepOnKeepingOn, kelise45, KPair, La Divina, Ladystar1111, Latina777, Lawdy55, LCarter12, Lil Johns queen, lil peep, lilibug91, locita0417, Love.D, LoveBhndBars, loveisblind1, lovinmyhubby22, Lpnerika, mamarayray, Mental Fiction, Mikes Bestie, MikesWifey, MissingHim111, MissingHim119, MissinMyKoKo612, MississippiFed, mommy4evrr83, mookie314, mrs starjames, Mrs.Haml1n, mrs.robinson210, MrsField, MrsZ-Unit, MsBrown86, msliberiangirl, Mssronnie, mtroxc, munchkingrl05, Mustardseed, Nikki2tallfun, nschramm08, Oceansdrm, okiegyrl, Olympia, PAalways, PattyGz, penpal_GER, pookiepoo, princessbird7, PrisonWife,CA, Prtylady, Psychocandy, Reggiebaby, ReysBaby, rissaboo45, RMRPE, Roberto's Lady, Rogerswifey, rsoutherland04, ryansbabe11, Sad_Eyes, saraheb, sarbear831, ScarletOpal, ShonCupcake, shy, smallgreycat, StacylovesJohn, Sunflow, sweet21t, tapestryweaver, thatwiz, thenewmrskdj, TjsLilWifey, TnNDreyfus11, tobefound, ToFaswife, Trish E, truelove84, TurtlesWifey10, VinnysGirl, Vintagejen77, vjd7190, waitin4appeal, waiting4love, Wayne'sGirl2, Whoooter, youngheart, Yulia89, Yummy&Raider
167 56.04%
Worried or troubled that he could be/get hurt 43 14.43%
Cheating 21 7.05%
Being arrested all over again/loosing him all over again 28 9.40%
Sweet and happy memories of togetherness (not sexual)
.random.person., 08unbreakable14, 1hoochie1, aggies2009, allhis77, AllinHIStime, almondcaramel, alwaysmylove, Angeleyezob, aundriamichelle, AYD1199, babe'iMy, Babydoll818, BB Gupton, bdogswifey, beachgypsy, Bearyspecial, becky7722, blah8705, blairloren, bluesmnm, BoOgIe'S WiFey, BrandonsWifey, Brooklyn721, bryanswifey1412, Bubzie, carebear895, CharityG, daddysrider, dalesgirl, delapenakl, DollFaceXo, Donna May, Doosz, drinkthesea, ericwife1978, EsaVicious13, futureperry, Geauxin'KraZee, harrellgirl, hartbehindbars, HazelEyez305, Heluvedme1st, herbal_t, His Bonnie, His Future, HisBabyKaykes, HisCaramelLady, HisNDNgirl, Hisoneandonly, hiszsweetheart, His_wifey1216, HizBabyGirl21, HizOneandOnly, Holdin_him dwn1, Holly018, Iceony76, jackdact, JACKIE310, Jae's girl, JennND1, JnV1998, johnswife66, jonnysmomma, katie1126, KeepOnKeepingOn, kelise45, KPair, Larrymorales, Lawdy55, LCarter12, Lil Johns queen, lil peep, LillyVphoenix, Liz & Adam, locita0417, LoveBhndBars, loveisblind1, lovinmyhubby22, lovin_him_4_evr, Lpnerika, Marseille, Mental Fiction, Mikes Bestie, mikesgirl4ever, MissingHim111, MissingHim119, MissingMyJig, MissinMyKoKo612, mommy4evrr83, mookie314, mrs starjames, mrs.beautifly1, MrsLesage, MrsZ-Unit, Mrzhernandez13, Mssronnie, mtroxc, munchkingrl05, mz.soto, nschramm08, Oceansdrm, okiegyrl, PrettyHollie, Princess1029, QueenGeneral, Revenwyn, revolm2008, rockn82864, rsoutherland04, sarbear831, ScarletOpal, Sidetrack, smallgreycat, Smile4me, ssuz, Sunflow, sunnymae1, sweet21t, tattoogirl603, tc_strong, thenewmrskdj, TjsLilWifey, TnNDreyfus11, tobefound, Trapt, Trish E, truelove84, VansGirl, VinnysGirl, Vintagejen77, vjd7190, waitin4appeal, Wayne'sGirl2, Whoooter, wlf05, Zuweee
137 45.97%
Feeling "guilty" yourself for cheating in ur dream 6 2.01%
Feeling "guilty" urself for "abandoning" him, or not being in prison instead 3 1.01%
Fears that he will leave you when he gets out 47 15.77%
No I do NOT dream ever 5 1.68%
Other... (please write what it is u dream about...) 55 18.46%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 298.

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