View Full Version : Chino or Norco anyone?????

01-07-2005, 11:38 PM
Jason had previously mentioned in his letter that he thought that he might be placed in Chino or Norco....after he was mainlined. But after reading several posts here I am not having much hope in that. Is it true that once a inmate has requested somewhere they put them the farthest from that place? I know, I know they place them where ever a opened bed is but do "they" really try to keep them close to family and do they take in to consideration what there points are? And does anyone know if Chino has a reception center where we will have to start all over again? I dont know how much longer I can take not hearing his voice. Visitation still says that they havent received my visitation form yet =( So I sent another one. But now who knows how long that will take. If I could just hear his voice than I promise I would be able to last a few more months. Take care everyone Jacqie

01-08-2005, 02:28 AM
My opinion is No they do NOT take into consideration on the inmates points, and for sure don't take into consideration on thier families. !!! To me alot of the times, now iam not saying all prisons or at least prison officials/ and or employess all treat the inmates like this, but seriously inmates are basically treated like No Good pieces of crap at the bottom of their shoes. Yea people, ( it's only human too ), make mistakes in their lives some are just a bit serious and or repeateded, but that gives no other human to treat them inhumane, like animals and then one day release what they have trained to be an animal out into society. Just like 2 wrongs don't make a right, so why do they shoot at inmates ( and no they are not rubber bullets) when their is some sort of scuffle at anytime. And they don't like shoot at their knee-caps or anything they are trained just like "our" us military " SHOOT TO KILL ". so 1 or 2 most likely more guards will all shoot at these inmates directky at their chest (heart) or the back or the head. I have plenty of articles of this NONSENSE. lost track of the topic there for a minute.. lol:mad: But not too sure on Chino, but I do know for in fact about CRC in Norco, my hubby did 1 year there in 2002-2003. There it was actually hella cool. Visited him 2 times every week for like 4 or more hours each time. I guess you can call it " Camp Snoopy ", and the guards and visiting personel are/ were hella COOL:p .. ( except i believe it's like hella dirty facility) but it can't be that bad, let's hope, unless you choose to be as dirty as it..LOL. Til next time Take Care and Best of Wishes Always..**** Jaimi ****:D