View Full Version : Hard to get a job with felony on record

12-14-2004, 09:07 PM
I have a different subject that legislators need to look at and soon. Given the current economic situation of our country and all of the jobs lost to outsoursing to China, and the the rate of persons being convicted of felonies in this country, it is becomming increasingly difficult to obtain employment for someone with a felony.

I personally have been trying to get a job for the past month and have had little success figuring I'm still unemployed. The problem is that question "Have you EVER been convicted of a felony?" The last job I went for Friday was the worst. I had to prove that I was no longer on parole even thiugh I've been off sinse sept 99. When I validated my situation to the employer she said that sinse I had a personal felony I couldn't be hired for thembecause there was no one who could "watch" me. I told her I didn't need wacthing and that being off parole should let them know that I didn't need watching any longer. not even for warehouse work. I have been so out of my mind that I could spit.

Then this thought hit me, At the rate people are being charged with felonies and the rate jobs are not hiring convicted felons coupled with the jobs lost to outsourcing, it could shortly creat a situation that I could be a ward of the state and have my freedom. If being a felon keeps me from employment then it is a handicap, and maybe I can draw ssi for my handicap. It's not a physical handicap, or mental, but societally I would be. My record can at this point never be expunged so I'm always going to answer the question yes I have been convicted of a felony and the societal cycly of systematically denying me a job continues. I wonder when the numbers will balance out that we as a nation have x amount of people unemployed and these are the reasons will catch us.

Just a thought.