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12-12-2004, 01:03 AM
Right now, I'm tracking a michigan bill that would grandfather the change in sentencing for some lifers (making it possible to actually get parole), and it's in its 3rd (i'm told) cycle through the system and sitting in judiciary.

Also, the folks I designed for have me looking into getting a 92 yr old out who was convicted on a writeen statement that was recanted (while several other witnesses named another person, and this guy's been in sinve the late 60's.

I'm dong a site covering all 50 states, and I've only recently returned from Holland, so anybody wanting to give me any hinits or info, much obliged. i've been in contact with the governor, a u. s. senator who represented this old guy in an appeal once, and a couple reporters. i read his case and wanted to smack someobdy over it. they all but admitted he didn't do the crime, and he might die of old age before he gets his appeal.

other than that, this is my first post (new memeber)...not in this for the usual reasons, but i return any help in kind (and puter geeks are good at finding resources), so hope i can be of heolp in return.

I always put an XMas card on my site for friends and public in general, anybody wanting a different kinda card to post or send my site is at
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I also posted the card to ( (there is an email link on my site for any wanting the images and page source in a zip file to post on their own site or send along as "their own"'s a rough season, so if it cheers anybody up a little, it was time well spent.

please let me know if you know of any good contacts in michigan that could help me help this old guy out though. he wants to meet me in person once i help get him out, and i could think of no better way to make a new friend.

This thread will be for legislation surrounding Parole. I will be adding the new ones here shortly. I will also have a "bill watch" for how far they go in Legislation. I hope this helps for the journey to the parole board.