View Full Version : ahh how i love the court system... only not!

10-29-2004, 09:35 PM
We had court today. Yet another preliminary thing for his resentencing... They delayed it yet again. It feels like it is never going to end. I try to be strong for him, but I can only do it for so long. Eventually I break down and just lose it. Today was that day. I felt bad. I hate crying in front of him. Oh well I guesss... I suppose I'm mostly just mad because I want to get it all taken care of and done. Apparently the judge sees it otherwise.

10-29-2004, 11:00 PM
The whole process takes a lot out of us. And our guys know that. The rescheduling, the long waits between every hearing, and the long transits the whole thing takes a lot of strength and I know you have that strength. It will all be over soon! Until then, stay strong!