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10-26-2004, 08:26 AM
:yes: Yep, it's about that time again!

:) How is everyone doing so far this week? Anything new going on??? :)

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Well, as I may or may not have said for the last check-in, we finally got a house. So this past Friday, Saturday and into the wee hours of Sunday morning were spent cleaning, cleaning, yardwork, and painting. Friday we mainly concentrated on yardwork and cleaning since the 2 youngest kids were with us and I ended up with my cousin's son and my little sister. Luckily they were able to play outside and behaved very well. Friday night we painted the living is a very light khaki color to go with the new sofa which is hunter green with a gold paisely texture to it. So Saturday morning we borrowed my Aunt's truck to go get the sofa and coffee table I bought the previous weekend! So we got that into the house as well as a dining room table and chairs that my mother in law was keeping in her basement for us. Saturday evening my mom had an art show so we made our appearance there and then headed back to the house to do some more work. The big man did some work on things that needed fixed up and I started painting the hall and kitchen. So Saturday night my other sister who is 16 came over to help me cut in the master bedroom as well. Saturday we painted the kitchen, hall and masterbedroom. The hall is like what I would call a gold, earthy color. It looks really good! The colors in the living room and hall/kitchen go together so well. Then we did the master bedroom. The back wall that you see coming down the hall way is called Army green. it's a deep khaki green color. We only did the one wall this color as a contrast wall. The other 3 walls are a very light sage green. It looks soooooooooo good in there! It is amazing how much of a difference paint can make! So all we have left to paint are the kids' rooms and the master bathroom. It's coming along really nice :D

We leave next Thursday night to fly to WI to get the rest of my furniture and all my other belongings out of storage! We will be driving home in a big Uhaul!Thank God for that because I am about to have a fit to be in the house! Staying with C's dad has been great, but I am so ready to be in my own house so we can live our lives normally again. I feel like we are guests who overstayed their welcome right now!!!

Other than that, work is good, the kids are good and my son is soooooooooo excited for Trick or Treat. He actually gets to go on Saturday and Sunday here, one day at each grandma's house because they live in different areas. And we got the baby a costume of course :)

Hope everyone is doing well! Oh and as far as the G2G goes, we could always plan a big one in the spring and a smaller one this winter.

10-26-2004, 08:44 AM
Things are going ok here, I feel a little better today. Found a cheaper house but cant decide if I am going to move, cant move until 12-1 per the land lord. Found out yesterday my job may end. Last night the four yr old was the child from hell. Sent here by the devil--no joke. AND last night J's ex wife (the first ex) called me. HOw she got my number I dont know, its unlisted. Anyways J had mailed me a letter last week and only had one stamp so I had told him anytime he wanted me to I mail letters out from here for him. So I mailed his daughter a letter. And she called and ask if he had any money blah blah blah. She also wanted to know if J's mother calls or visits us, because she doesnt see her daughter. I said no and give my opinion. Anyways the boys are going trick or treating here Saturday night and then one of the churches here is having trunk or treat on Sunday so we may go to that also. The weather is beautiful. Stronger I am glad the house is coming right along. You will have to post us some pics of the colors like you did in the other house. Yall be careful going to WI. I assume the kids aren't going---so enjoy the quiet time with C. I hope the weather is good. Did C have to get permission to go????

Take care fellow Georgians!!!

10-26-2004, 08:57 AM
Yeah, we had to get a pass from his Parole Officer, but it was no problem. He just has to check in with the local police dept. when we get there and have them sign his pass showing he check in. I will post pics as soon as possible! :)

10-26-2004, 09:01 AM
Hey all!! Guess I'll chime in with news from the southside. All is going well here, although I miss my David immensely this week. Being 2.5 hrs away again just sucks. For those who travel longer, forgive my whining... anyway! The Carter Foundation is busy, busy,busy... we're currently trying to get a young lady out of Pulaski and transferred to Metro- she's having serious problems with the staff there. We're also getting a gentleman's case reviewed and investigation reopened in Bibb County. He has documentation to prove the victim purjered himself on the stand, and that requires a mistrial and or new trial, but the goal is to send him home. He's done 8 years of a life without for a crime he didn't comitt. Ugh! Getting my own little house remodeled, so I'm living with the parental unit as well. God love you, PJ!! I know how it feels. Like your paint choices, and am planning on shades of burgundy for my own. Y'all keep your chins up...


10-26-2004, 04:42 PM
Ive been home sick the past 2 days.Maybe thats why I was so whiny in the other check-in.Charlie sent me a b-day card. Do they sell those in stores? Happy B-day on THursday PJ.. I was so happy to hear from him, but still having these weird thoughts and feelings.The sun FINALLY came out here today. It has been dark and dreary for way over a week now.Not many kids go trick or treating here. I am just going to get the neighbor kids some candy.Hope everyone is well.

10-26-2004, 07:06 PM
All is well here..........still waiting for my sweetie to transfer...........he didn't get picked up last night so maybe tomorrow night. Y'all pray. The painting sounds fun! That is something I plan to do soon as my honey's home. I want similar colors with the contrasting walls and all. When I bought my house new it had no colors and I left it that way until he's home so he can help with all that. I am ministering to a couple and a few others. This one couple just spent 9 months locked up for some bogus charges. They kept the faith and were released two weeks ago. iT is sad. She was pregnant and had the baby in there and now is having to take a class to get the baby. It is really sad. They lost everything during those 9 months. I am really having to work on not getting too emotionally involved. I just feel so sorry for them and feel there is not a lot I can do. SO I pray and talk to them when they need to talk. I am feeling that there are not enough places for after-care here. I am praying about that and it might be where God is leading me. I am not sure but I am feeling that. I am learning alot about many things! The boys are going trick or treating Sun. even though my mom tripped b/c it is the Lord's day! I am sorry, but it happens to fall on Sunday and my kids are going. I don't think it is an evil thing for me to do. One is Spidey and the other is Batman. Too Cute! That's all here. I hope everyone has a super week.

10-27-2004, 08:53 AM
Hello all Georgians,

I have good news! I went to see my man last Saturday at Arrendale and when I got there I was told that he had been transferred to Macon State. I was elated! He's about 30 minutes farther away from me, but just to know that he is out of that hellhole makes me absolutely ecstatic. I drove down Sunday to see him. He was surprised and happy to see me. He didn't know he was gonna get transferred. He got transferred behind some BS, but that's okay too as long as he's not at Arrendale. And his security level has been lowered from maximum to close.

Glad to hear that things are going good for all you ladies. God continues to bless us all. He is making so many great things happen for me. I feel like my man is coming home soon. He went to court on a writ of Habeas Corpus in September and we are waiting on the ruling. I just got my own place and the story behind that is amazing. I had been staying with my brother and we weren't getting along. I was going to move in with a friend (cause I thought my credit was too bad to get a place of my own). the whole time I'm thinking if my man gets out within the next year, he won't be able to stay with me because I live with someone else. At the insistence of another friend I went ahead and applied for a place by myself and I got it!!!!!!!!! Now I won't have to worry about asking anyone else if it's okay for my ex-con man to come stay with me.

I would like to get more information on the Carter Foundation. What do you do and how do you do it? Please PM me with more info.

Have a blessed day!

10-27-2004, 09:51 AM
Hey Everyone....glad to see that everyone is doing well!

As for me, I moved into my place on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend and took Monday off to unpack and get the place looking presentable. I still have a few things more I want to do, but I have to wait until I get paid again.

My husband is doing fine...he calls every 3 days, in a effort to cut down on collect call costs until I can get this $600 bill paid off on the 15th of November...then he will call once a day. I cant wait for that because I miss hearing his voice every day.

I am still waiting for MCI to hook up my home phone service. I had the bright idea to try them instead of Verizon so I signed up for the Neighborhood plan....what a disaster this is becoming! First of all, they say they have THIRTY days to hook up your service, and to just keep checking the line for a dial tone! WHAT THE HELL??? I called Verizon to hook up service instead, but they wanted a $100 deposit, so I am stuck with MCI because they didnt request one. Thank God I have my Remote Line from Georgia so my husband can still call me (that is transferred to my cell phone).

Other than that, I am just maintaining, ready to get to Georgia for Thanksgiving so I can see my husband1


10-28-2004, 11:20 AM
Hello everyone. I FINALLY got my computer fixed and can enjoy the help and support of my friends here at the PTO once again! I feel so relieved! For the last couple of weeks I have felt so cut off from my "safety net". I am kind of out of tune with what is going on here in Georgia. Anything good going on in this state yet? I was hoping to hear that the folks at our state capital are finally getting a clue and showing some compassion for our inmates and families. Well, I can dream can't I? LOL Well, just wanted to get back in touch with eveyone. Glad to be back! :)

10-28-2004, 01:31 PM
Glad you are back Barbara-we have missed you!!


10-28-2004, 02:59 PM
Good to see you back around Barb!!! :)