View Full Version : 10-20-2004 Georgia Check in!

10-20-2004, 09:58 AM
Where is everybody? Its been pretty quiet in here lately?

As for me, Im just working, and packing...moving into my new place this weekend after living with friends for the last 6 months...yippee! Now I just hope and pray that my husbands interstate compact goes through and he can come to Virginia when he is released because I dont want to have to move to Georgia if I dont have to...I was all set to move when he first went in, but I had to sit down and think about it rationally...I have a good job with good pay, family here and really dont know anything about Georgia besides my inlaws...which isnt a bad thing, just dont want to be forced to go somewhere new if I dont have to. So I will just keep praying on that one.

Other than that, I have been writing and talking to my husband on the phone..although we have slowed that down a bit because I just got my first bill from MCI and it was $700, so I wasnt too happy about that. The good thing is, my balance with them is now $1400, so I dont have to worry about a block. But he was calling me everyday, 3-5 times a day, but now he has been calling once every 3 or 4 days, I hate it, but we have to do it. I am also getting a package together for him of things he wanted. I have to send his wedding ring, socks, underwear and t-shirts and a picture album...He also wants an electric razor, but I told him to wait on that one...I will send him that for christmas.

What about everyone else????


10-20-2004, 11:17 AM
Not much going on with me. Kids are great. Visited with J this past weekend--had a good visit. Congratulations Patrice on getting your own place!! It has been really quiet in here---Strongernow needs to come around (Just kidding I know she is busy with bf, work and kids). The kids are having there fall festival at school tomorrow night so we are going there. I have looked for several weeks for a cheaper house and havent found anything so I give up, we are gonna stay where we are and just watch the budget a little closer. Since J is in SEG the phone bill has been better.

Take care.


10-20-2004, 11:43 AM
You guys beat me to it! I was just thinking...."it is pretty quiet around here. Where is everyone? What is up? Time for a check in!!!!"

Well, things are going good here. We found a house last weekend and we are starting to work on it this Friday. We'll be cleaning, painting, doing yardwork, etc. It's just a little old brick ranch, but I am sooooo excited! I am very grateful for all that my fiance's dad has done for us by letting us stay with him, but being out on our own again has me on cloud 9!!!! The house: 3 bed, 1.5 bath. Newly remodeled kitchen and 1/2 acre yard. I will take pictures this weekend when I go over and start working on Friday. I will need all my gal's input again of course!!! :)

The baby is good :) She is getting close to walking, I bet near Thanksgiving time and at the latest by Christmas. She got her 8th tooth and has become quite the blabber mouth lately. Of course we have no idea what she is talking about, LOL, but it is absolutely adorable!

My son is wild as ever, and soooooooo excited about the new house. When I took him over the other night he was telling me "I want my bed to go here, and my toy box here." It was the cutest thing ever!!!! I still can't believe he just turned 4!

Work is going well with me, adjusting to my new scheule of Sunday thru Thursday, but I like it so far! Today is Thursday for me and of course still Wednesday for everyone else! Woohoo! LOL Sundays are pretty quiet here at work so it's a nice day to catch up.

Other than that, nothing to report! Let's get this place hopping again! I know I haven't been around much, but I'm trying to be better. We didn't have a computer at home because dad's got attacked by a virus.

Hope all is well with everyone...we still need to plan that GA get together!

10-20-2004, 01:09 PM
Hey all....I do live for check-in time :)

Well what is new with me? I work three days a week, monday, wednesday, and friday. Go to class monday and wednesday night, and all day on tuesday and thursday. I got great news yesterday! I am now only five classes away from graduation in May!! I am sooooo excited!!! YIPPEE!!! I am at my apartment right now, I left work early so I can get some computer time in before class tonight :) Anything to get my mind of my "Police in Society" class....urgh bad thoughts LOL

Josh is doing pretty well, he has been in a funk lately, but I am trying to get him out of it....its hard but I think I am making progress. I am also counting down to March when I get to visit him for the VERY FIRST TIME!! Another exciting thing going on with me :)

I think a G2G would be great! I would really love to put faces with names and have a good time with my buddies!

10-21-2004, 03:59 AM
Well, congrats to everyone on the good news! New places to live, graduating!! Exciting stuff!!!

As for me, just working 40 a week and still doing my online school thing. Which is pretty cool. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait till Nov. to be able to talk to Kurt. Stupid prison phone lists!!! GRRR! Other than that, all is well. God bless y'all!

10-21-2004, 06:39 PM
We are ok, just busy as usual. My husband is on the transfer list for the MAcon transitional center so we are anxiously waiting for him to be picked up one Mon. or Wed. night. It is a little disappointing when he calls on Tues. and Thurs. and I know he is still there. But hopefully it won't be too long. We are looking forward to that. Boys are great....enjoying school and excited about dressing up for Halloween. New job is going well too. My friend at WSP got moved to Metro. trans. in ATL. so I am supposed to go see her Sun. and deliver all this stuff she needed. She had over a $130 of stuff on that list! She sent me most of the money for it though so no big deal. She is excited about getting popcorn, cokes, cigs. etc! So nothing much new.

10-21-2004, 07:13 PM
Hi everyone! :wave: It's nice reading everyone's happy news. As for me nothing much has been going on. Just working and trying to stay busy. Will and I talk every Sunday now. Needless to say I look forward to Sunday all week I've been trying to save up and get ready for my big trip during the Christmas holidays. I'm going to go visit Will. It's been almost two years since we have seen each other. I'm sssssoooooo looking forward to this trip. I hope nothing happens to mess it up. I'll be so glad to see 2005. That means I can start counting down the months not the years till Will comes home. :D

10-21-2004, 08:22 PM
What month does he get out? J's max date 11-05!! Woo Hoo!

You gonna be about to attend out G2G???


10-22-2004, 08:09 PM
Will's TPM is 12/2005 and his max out date is 3/2006. I dunno if I will get to attend the G2G. It all depends on when ya'll decide to have it and where.

10-24-2004, 10:06 AM
Its cold here in NY. Fall is here. We didnt have much of a summer at all. It really is beautiful tho, with all the leaves falling(cause I dont have to job is going good. I am still enjoying the day shift.Today Im hanging out in the jammies ALL day. Going to watch some movies and the football game(Buffalo). My beloved Yankees sad. I am having a hard time right now. Does everyone go thru it? Charlie has been saying little things that have been ticking me off.He sends me letters to mail out for him, and then in my letter he is asking me to look up things for his buddies.I am not sure how I feel about him anymore,is it cause Im mad at him? I do love him,but to be honest Im not sure I am in love with him.Maybe its me. Any suggestions? I am also SO worried about my nephew. He is over fighting in Falliugh(sp). May I ask you all to keep him in your prayers? PLEASE. Thanks for letting me vet are all the best.