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chris's mom
10-19-2004, 12:14 PM
Just got home and found a message on my machine from someone at keene mtn they are once again on lockdown.This really sucks This would have been our first contact visit with our son in quite a while. The man on the machine said they would be on lockdown for a couple of weeks.Do they always call when they go on lockdown? I have never recieved a call from them.

10-19-2004, 10:24 PM
Hi there,
Do you have caller ID on your phone to check to see if that call truly came from Keene Mountain. Call up to there and ask Visitation a general question. What time is visitation this coming weekend and you will get your answer. Before I have to drive 7 hours to Wallens Ridge, I call that Friday and ask about visitation and then if I hadn't heard from my son that Thursday, I give them my son's # and ask is he on lock down. Another thing, my son is at a Supermax Level 5 and Keen Mountain is a Level 4, yet where my son is there lock-down still allows for contact visits. Now when they were on a security risk lock-down, they still allowed visitation but non-contact through the window and telephone, but never no visitations unless they are in the "hole" them selves. Different rules for different places. Again, I would check this phone call out first...
All the Best

10-21-2004, 09:12 PM
yes they are on lockdown- here is what my guy told me in the letter i received today- that they went on lockdown monday morning just after breakfast- and then someone came around to each cell and asked if they were expecting any visits in the next 2 weekends- then if they were- they filled out a little form with the names and phone numbers of the people who they were expecting a visit from -- so that the prison could call the visitors and let them know not to come. i'm 100% sure the call really came from keen mountain. i didn't plan a visit because we had been waiting for them to go on lockdown-- they have been due for an institutional lockdown and there have been some fights, etc- so we have been expecting it the last few weeks- i figured they waited till this week so people could have the 3 day columbus day weekend to visit. they will be off lockdown in 2 weeks or so- so hopefully you can re-schedule your visit.