View Full Version : British chick on my way to Fed US jail in 1/05

Busy B
10-17-2004, 06:18 PM
my name is Jane and I am on my way to fed jail next year, I have been told five years. I am a Brit married to a US citizen but I shall be deported anyway after my sentence has been served.
I have spent alot of time online with this and other resources and have gained a bit of info so I feel not too overloaded by my situation as far as not knowing anything at all.
I really want to get to Dublin, Cali, as it is closest to our home and family/friends, anyone have any info on it?
Also I have been informed of the Prisoner Transfer Treaty between the US and the UK, I have a daughter and two baby grandsons in Bristol, England, and would prefer to do my time, or at least some of it there, anyone know anything about this treaty, or prisons in the UK as I have not lived ther for over 20 years...
My "lawyer" tells me I can do nothing until I am incarcerated to my designated, so if you all know anyone or thing I would be sooo grateful.

By the by, I did already spend two weeks in Sac County whilst waiting to go to Oklahoma FTC and after one week there I spent one more week im Miami FDC, travel all provided by CONAIR, and it is all true what they say. I got lucky, HAHA and finally got bail and have been home for the past four months waiting.........

I also am in touch with a couple of ladies in Danbury on a regular basis and have a current commissary list from there, so feel free to ask ME questions.

Love and light to all, and thanks for making a foreigner feel at home!

Lady Jane:thumbsup:

10-17-2004, 09:02 PM
sorry Jane, i dont have a clue...but youre in the right place to ask questions...someone will get back to you have your hands full, huh? keep us posted!!!