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10-09-2004, 07:46 PM
Joseph Harp Correctional Center
P.O. Box 548
Lexington, OK 73051-0548

Phone: (405) 527-5593
Fax: (405) 527-4841

Warden: Mike Addison

Security Level: Medium
Opened: 1978

Joseph Harp Correctional Center, located east of Lexington, is a medium security institution for male offenders. The facility officially opened on September 16, 1978, and received its first inmates two days later. The site of the facility was used by the Navy as a firing range during World War II. After the war, the land was turned over to the Mental Health Department, which in turn transferred it to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in 1971.

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12-15-2004, 11:17 PM
General JHCC Rules and Regulations/Conduct/Violations/Sanctions (current as of 12/2004)

1. Each inmate will be responsible for informing his visitors of these rules.

2. Visitors are responsible for securing personal items (keys, cars locked, etc.) Absolutely no cell phones, beepers, or pagers will be allowed inside the institution.

3. Visits are structured so as to allow informal communication between the inmate and his visitors. Inmates and visitors may hold hands or place their arm around the shoulder of each other while visiting. They may embrace (hug) and exchange brief kisses at the beginning and conclusion of their visit. They may not engage in sexual activity of any kind. Sexual activity is defined as:

a. Continued embracing and excessive kissing.
b. Placing of "hickeys" on person's bodies.
c. The touching, rubbing, biting, kissing, or fondling of the genitals/vaginal area, breasts, buttocks, thighs, back, or stomache, whether though or underneath the clothing.
d. Sitting on laps.
e. Stradling of legs over each other.
f. Sexual intercourse.
g. Laying down.
h. Entering opposite gender toilets.

Any sexual stimulation or sexual activity between visitors and inmates is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of the visit and possible removal of the visitor from the inmate's visiting list for a period to be determined by the warden.

4. Individuals may be denied visiting by the visiting officer, shift supervisor, or duty officer if they disrupt the visiting process.

5. No contraband of any kind will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, firearms, ammunition, drugs, drug paraphernalia or narcotics, any paperwork legal or otherwise, photographs, or any other items which may jeopardize the safety and security of the institution are not allowed. Any attempt to introduce such items by a visitor may result in termination of visiting privileges and possible filing of felony charges against the visitor. This includes placing any item in/around the facility for an inmate to pick up later.

6. Any attempt by either the inmate or visitor to pass any item not specifically authorized will result in the termination of the visit and possible removal of that visitor from the visiting list.

7. Once a visitor makes contact with the inmate and leaves the building, he/she will not be allowed to return to the institution that day to "continue" the visit.

8. Inmates are responsible for the conduct of their visitors, including minors (children). Visits will be conducted in a quiet, orderly manner. If the children playing start running across the florr, or becoming disruptive, the inmate will be warned. If disruptive behavior continues, the visit will be terminated. Children must remain within sight and control of the inmate/adult visitor at all times during the visit.

9. Visits will be terminated for improper conduct, including disruptive behavior, inappropriate physical contact, and possesion of contraband. The shift supervisor will be notified, and the appropriate reports will be written.

10. Visitors will park in the designated parking areas. Once on institution grounds, visitors will be responsible fopr signing in at the visiting desk. At no time will the visitor be allowed to visit with the inmate outside of the visiting room/designated area. Visitors and inmates will not have any contact, physical or verbal, until they enter the visiting room/designated area.

11. The visiting room and building are non smoking areas. Smoking will be allowed in designated outside smoking areas. Visitors may bring in no more than one unopened package of cigarettes, and that package must be unopened prior to entering the visiting room. Effective Feb 15, 2005 - JHCC will be a non smoking prison. No cigarette's of any kind will be allowed on the prison grounds anywhere.

12. Items not allowed in the facility must be returned to the visitor's vehicle by the visitor prior to entering the visiting room. Repeat violations by the visitor may result in suspension. Visitors will not leave any items with visiting staff, nor will a visitor leave an item to be picked up by the inmate after visiting.

12-15-2004, 11:43 PM
Visiting Levels - JHCC Rules and Regulations/Conduct/Violations/Sanctions (current as of 12/2004)

13. Visiting hours will be specified during inmate orientation.

14. Visiting Privilege Level Criteria
The list below indicates the length and frequency that medium security inmates can visit in accordance with their earned credit level:

a. Earned Credit Level I - Up to one hour non-contact per week with individuals on inmate's approved visiting list (4 hours per month). Legal visits will be in accordance with OP-030118, Section III, Item B.
b. Earned Credit Level II - Up to two hours per week (eight hours per month)
c. Earned Credit Level III - Up to four hours per week
d. Earned Credit Level IV - Up to six hours per week

15. Visiting days are as follows:

a. Visiting days normally include Saturdays (or) Sundays and all state recognized holidays.

b. State recognized holidays that fall on Monday through Friday will be a "free" visiting day. The number of hours an inmate may visit on the free visiting day will be in accordance with the inmate's level. That day will not count on the total number of hours per visiting privilege level. If they holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, then the hours will count on the total visiting privilege level hours.

16. Visiting hours are as follows:

a. Those inmates who are eligible for four hours of visitation per month may begin visiting at 9am on the Saturday or Sunday of their choice.

b. Those inmates who are eligible for eight hours of visitation per month, visitors may begin the check-in process at 12:30pm on either Saturday or Sunday. These inmates will be given the opportunity for four, two hour visits.

c. Those inmates who are eligible for four hours of visitation per week may begin visiting at 11am on either Saturday or Sunday, each weekend.

d. Those inmates who are eligible for six hours of visitation per week may being visiting at 9am on either Saturday or Sunday, each weekend.

e. Inmates who visit for any length of time during a scheduled visiting period will be considered to have visited the entire visiting period, regardless of when the visitor arrived.

f. On state recognized holidays, inmates will be allowed to visit from 11am until 3pm. Gold card holders will be allowed to visit from 9am until 3pm.

g. Visitors for inmates who are eligible to begin visiting at 9am may begin the check-in process at 8:30am.

h. Visitors must arrive one and one half hours prior to the end of visiting hours in order to gain admittance.

17. Segregation housing unit
Inmates housed in the Segregation Housing Unit will be allowed the following visiting privileges:

a. Administrative Segregation and Protective Measures inmates will be allowed a one hour non-contact visit per week to include only the following visitors: the inmate's mother, father, spouse, legal, and clergy.

b. Disciplinary Segregation inmates (DU Time) will not be allowed to visit while on the unit, with the exception of attorney/clergy visits. Inmates held in disciplinary detention exceeding 60 days will be afforded the same visitng privileges as inmates being held for long term Administrative Segregation and Protective Measures.

12-16-2004, 12:05 AM
Rule Violations - JHCC Rules and Regulations/Conduct/Violations/Sanctions (current as of 12/2004)

18. The following rule violations may result in termination of visiting privileges on the first offense based on the seriousness of the offense within the DOC and private prisons housing OK inmates:

a. Escape (aiding and abetting)
b. Introduction of Weapons
c. Drugs or alcohol (illegal)
d. Assaults (staff/visitors/inmates, verbal and/or physical)

19. Under OK statutes, Title 57, Chapter 1, Statute 21, any person who brings into or has on his/her possesion in any jail or state penal institution or other place where prisoners are located, any gun, knife, bomb, or other dangerous instrument, narcotic drug, or any dangerous drug whatsoever, including amphetamines, sleeping potions, barbituates, or derivatives thereof, or any alcoholic beverages, or money, will be guilty of a felony and is subject to imprisonment in the state penitentiary for not less than one year or more than five years, or a fine of not less than $100 or more than $1,000 or both such fine and imprisonment.

20. Other violations of facility visiting rules, including those listed above, will be handled accordingly:

a. First violation of any rule infraction - suspension may occur 90-180 days.
b. Second violation of any rule infraction - suspension may occur 180-365 days.
c. Third violation of any rule infraction - permanent suspension will occur. A total of three violations per visitor will result in permanent suspension of visiting privileges.

21. At the discretion fo the warden, a certified drug dog, or other drug/contrabnad detection devices, may be used to assist in searches.

22. Searches
Strip searches may only be conducted as follows, in accordance with departmental policy OP-040110 entitled "Search and Seizure Standards":

a. There is reasonable belief that the person is carrying contraband.

b. The person is notified of the right to refuse to be searched and grants approval to be searched.

c. The search is conducted by two staff members who have been trained in conducting searches and are of the same gender as the person being searched.

d. The search will be conducted by in the visitor's shakedown room (a private area as near to the perimeter or entrance of the facility as possible).

e. The strip search has been approved by the warden.

f. There will be no random strip searches, visual body cavity or intrusive cavity searches of visitors.

g. Visual and intrusive body cavity search of adult visitors/juvenile visitors requires a court approval search warrent. Execution of the search will be performed by appropriate officials and not by department staff.

h. Any searches of the personal property of an individual must be done while continuously observed by the owner of such property.

i. At the discretion of the warden, a certified drug dog may be used to assist in searches.

12-16-2004, 12:23 AM
Who Can Visit - JHCC Rules and Regulations/Conduct/Violations/Sanctions (current as of 12/2004)

23. Each visitor must be placed on the inmate's institutional visiting list prior to being allowed to visit.

24. Each inmate will normally be allowed to have twelve immediate family members on his visiting list. As defined in institutional policy, immediate family will include: spouse, natual or surrogate parents, grandparents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandchildren, siblings, aunt or uncle, and children (to include step-children and adopted children), 18 years or older as verified in the social history statement in the field file.

25. In addition to the family members listed above, each inmate is also allowed to have one friend (and) one member of the clergy, (and) one attorney on his approved visiting list. Inmates may add additional friends up to the maximum allowable number of twelve visitor in lieu of family members: however, inmates who are not married will only be authorized to have one female friend on their approved visiting list at any given time. If a female friend is married, she will not be allowed to visit without the accompaniment of her spouse, who has also been approved to visit. If the inmate is married, to include common law marriage, then no other females may be on the approved visiting list, except immediate family. Visitors cannot be removed from an inmate's visiting list and placed on another inmate's visiting list for a perios of one year.

26. Due to limited visiting facilities, only a maximum of six visitors will be allowed to visit at one time. Normally, the length of each visit will be determined by the inmate's assigned level as defined in sections 14, 25, and 16 of this procedure. However, this time may be shortened at the discretion of the Visiting Room Officer if necessary to allow all inmates to recieve visits on any given day. Children will not be counted as part of the six visitors. All children less than twelve must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter and exit the doors.

27. Children under eighteen years old will not be listed on the visiting card and will be admitted only if accompanied by parent or legal guardian, or a responsible adult with a notorized permission letter from the legal parent or guardian, authorizing the child to visit with that adult. These children must be natural or adopted children of the inmate they are visiting. All other children must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian. In the event a question arrises, the visitor may be required to provide documentation, such as birth certificate to reflect parentage. The accompanying adult visitor will be held responsible for the behavior of the child or children while in the institution. The institution does not provide child care during the visiting hours. Once children reach the age of 18, they will be required to complete a visiting application in order to be placed on the inmate's approved visiting list.

12-16-2004, 12:47 AM
Dress Code, etc. - JHCC Rules and Regulations/Conduct/Violations/Sanctions (current as of 12/2004)

28. A visitor may bring in the following:

a. Change for vending machine ($20)
b. Locker key
c. One cigarette package unopened (lighters & matches not allowed. There is a lighter available in the smoking area). Effective Feb 15, 2004 - smoking will no longer be permitted by inmates or visitors anywhere on prison grounds
d. Two cigars unopened (Also not allowed after Feb 15, 2004)
e. Car keys
f. Picture ID card
g. Coats in inclement weather
h. One plastic bottle for baby. One diaper for baby. Baby food must be in a plastic container.

29. Visitors are not allowed to leave property with the Visiting Officer to be delivered to the inmate.

30. Lockers are available for the storage of medication, baby care products, feminine hygiene items only.

31. Visitors will be dressed in appropriate attire. Footwear must be worn at all times.

Unauthorized attire for male or female visitors:

a. No shorts or skorts shorter than the top of the kneecap or are tight fitting will be allowed.

b. No split-seam skirts or mini-skirts will be allowed. Dresses and skirts with slits higher than 2" above the knee are not allowed.

c. No wrap-around skirts.

d. Blouses/Tops
- No tube tops
- No tank tank tops
- No crop tops
- No halter tops
- No spaghetti-top blouses
- No sleeveless/no transparant or mesh tops/blouses

e. No white/black/grey tee-shirts. No grey shirts of other styles.

f. No leggins/biker pants/ body suits will be allowed.

g. No spandex clothing, to include swinsuit.

h. No things or flip-flops will be allowed.

i. No blue chambray or periwinkle shirts.

j. No tight fitting sweat suits.

k. Low-cut or cut-out design clothing will not be allowed.

l. No clothing bearing offensive wording or pictures.

m. No headgear. (Excluding religious).

n. Provocative clothing which exposes the midriff, is extremely tight, is off the shoulder, or which exposes any part of the breast, is not acceptable.

All visitors must wear appropriate underclothing for their gender.

Children above the age of eleven years must comply with the dress code for adults unless theya re restricted by handicap or medical reasons.

32. No one who is intoxicated, appears to be intoxicated, smells of alcohol or appears to be "high" on drugs will be permitted in the visiting room, or allowed to stay on state property. Law enforcment officials will be notified of any suspected law violations.

33. All visitors will check in with the visiting officer prior to being cleared for admittance in the visiting room.

34. Visitors will not be permitted to go inside the institution including the lobby until the beginning of visiting hours. Visitors may arrive at the facility no earlier than 30 minutes prior to visiting hours, but must remain in their vehicles in the parking area until visiting hours begin. The only exception is for the use of the bathrooms.

35. Neither inmates nor visitors will be allowed to carry food out of the visiting room at the end of the visit. All food purchased from vending machines must be either consummed or thrown away in the visiting room.

36. In the event of threatening weather, visits will be terminated. inmates will be required to return to their housing units, and visitors will be required to take shelter or depart state property.

37. JHCC does not take responsibility for any items left at the facility.

Any questions concerning individual inmates should be addressed to the inmate's case manager at JHCC, PO Box 548, Lexington OK 73051-0548 (Phone 1-405-527-5593)