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California Sunshine
10-03-2004, 10:29 PM
Friday September 17, 2004

Has Anna Nicole Smith, the once-voluptuous TrimSpa spokeswoman, gone a little too far with her new, ultra-skinny figure? Anna, 36, who weighed about 200 pounds as recently as 2003, tells Star exclusively that she now weighs a mere 131 pounds and easily squeezes into a size four dress!

The super-slim, 5'11" star wowed the world earlier this year with her return to the Marilyn Monroe-like figure she became famous for as the Guess? model in 1992. But since her TrimSpa "reveal" in February (she credits the top-selling TrimSpa diet supplement with her stunning transformation), Anna has continued to shed pounds.

In late August, Anna's weight loss surprised some at the MAGIC Marketplace event in Las Vegas, where she unveiled her new clothing line. A waiter at the Las Vegas eatery Little Buddha, who says he served her earlier this year and again during the August show, remarked, "It's amazing how much thinner she looks today. I almost didn't recognize her." Then, at an appearance at the Mao Magazine launch party in New York City on Sept. 7 (she was photographed nude for the mag), a partygoer told Star that "her face was thin, and her cheekbones sunken."

Weight-loss doctors and nutritionists Star consulted are concerned about Anna's weight loss. Weight-loss expert Dr. Howard Shapiro told Star, "This does not look like a healthy skinny." Indeed, normal weight for Anna's 5'11" height and body type is 155-160 pounds, according to doctors. We also shared what sources say are some of Anna's unconventional eating habits with these doctors and asked for their diagnoses.


According to an eyewitness who travels with Anna, she eats tiny portions, sometimes ordering several entrees and then just nibbling off each. "She's got big eyes when it comes to the menu, but eats little of what she orders," the source said. Diet expert Dr. Stacy Title told Star, "This is symptomatic of someone who leans toward bulimia. The fact that a person orders food makes you think he or she wants it.... They're maintaining an impression that they're eating properly in front of other people."


Anna also likes lollipops -- dipped in pickle juice! "She'll [also] drink pickle juice from the jar," said the eyewitness. "It seems she misses the sweet and sour sensation," explains Title. "Usually, people crave sweets or salts -- she's craving both."


During a Las Vegas-to-New York road-trip from Sept. 2-5, the eyewitness said, "Anna chewed beef jerky for her dogs and spit it in their mouths. She said, 'The dogs have to eat.'" Dr. Stanley Title (father of Dr. Stacy Title) thinks "she's satisfying herself with the chewing, cutting down on her desire to eat."


Many people shed serious weight by spending serious time on the StairMaster. But not Anna, according to the source. "Anna does not exercise. She hates it!" Doctors we spoke to say that regular exercise is key in any weight-loss regimen. According to Dr. Edward Jackowski, "If she doesn't supplement her weight loss program with exercise, she may gain back the weight, plus more."


"An unhealthy diet with unhealthy activity is going to mean an unhealthy person," said Dr. Stacy Title. "A person could lose muscle mass and get osteoporosis, and their skin would start looking old and weathered." But the doctor also notes that being too skinny may be better than being obese, as Anna was just last year. "She's not morbidly obese anymore," says Title. It's very easy to yo-yo, unless you are consistently focused on eating proper foods."

No matter. According to the Star poll recently conducted (see opposite page), plenty of women think Anna Nicole looks better than ever. We really can't disagree!


California Sunshine
10-03-2004, 10:30 PM
Man I tried Trimspa and it didn't help but I'm thinking I ought to give it another go because at the rate I'm going now I'll be 2 Anna's at her biggest!!!!!

10-10-2004, 04:34 PM
I saw her on the sharon osbourne show she was claiming to have lost a huge amoung in a ridiculous time. like 70 pounds in two or three months. and she had on a super tight evening gown. No way would her bust fit in a size four dress!

10-10-2004, 04:44 PM
I'd be willing to bet she blows up bigger than ever in the not-too-distant future.

Dieting without exercise might produce results, but they will not last. It has to be an "overhaul" of your lifestyle, not a BandAid solution.

And 131 lbs. on a 5'11" frame doesn't sound healthy at all.

This line: "No matter. According to the Star poll recently conducted (see opposite page), plenty of women think Anna Nicole looks better than ever. We really can't disagree!" shows just how ridiculous society's obsession is with being "thin".

Yeah, she isn't strong enough to do a single pushup...Sure, she looks gaunt and haggard...but hey, look at that number! 131---WOW!

I'll stay at 180 lbs., exercising daily and watching what I eat, before I'll starve myself or fill my body with pills and fad solutions. I'll carry this extra 40 lbs. around, and all the muscle I've built in the last 4 months, anyday.

Susan, totally unimpressed.

10-10-2004, 08:03 PM
susan, I agree. I went to one of those weight loss clinics. My mom talked me into it and paid for it. I was maybe 175 pounds. I lost 25 pounds quickly because it was only about 800 cals a day! You had to weigh in daily. So you feel deprived and hungry a lot and lose weight quickly. But it does come back to bite you when you want to eat half way normally again. when you lose weight slowly you don't feel deprived and have time to change your habits and figure out what works for you. my mother has had life long weight problems and yo yo's 50 pounds. she started me out way wrong. the house was full of goodies. when I was 145 she wanted me to go with her to this diet dr and they gave me a shot aweek of vitamins I guess ( why a shot? ) and gave me amphetamines for appetite suppressants! I am 5/5. I think I would not have had the huge problems I had later if we had just done active things more and there had been plenty of healthy foods to eat, and they had limited the sweets around the house.

10-10-2004, 08:17 PM
In my personal opinion...I think it's a little more than trimspa that is helping her lose that weight!!!!! And I don't mean surgery!!! I think the guy on the corner helps her out alot...but hey, that's just my 2 cents!!! Hugs:p

10-10-2004, 08:25 PM
ana nicole did not loose all that weight from trim spa. people that promote these diet drugs usaully dont even take them. they are given a specific amount of time and a huge dollar incentive to loose the weight! the only thing trimspa was probally involved in was hiring a staff, personal chef etc. to watch everything she put in her mouth.