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09-29-2004, 11:13 PM

The reminder of the deadline is the only peice of good information I see here. I read this quote and from what I understand it is not true or my husband is being seriously over charged.

The Board of Corrections met and voted to begin charging inmates $3 when they ask for medical care. The intent is to improve the medical care for inmates by cutting down frivolous request for medical attention. In a typical month, there are about 14,000 inmate sick calls in the state. Some are frivolous and reduce the quality of care for those truly ill. This fee will be charged only on the initial sick call, not for follow up or chronic care such as diabetes or as a result of an accident or assault. If the inmate does not have money in their account, they still will be treated. A lien will be placed on their account.
My husband has been paying $3 the hole time. Just recently he told me it was increased it to $6. Maybe it is just Parchman. Does anyone know how much your loved one is being charged?

10-01-2004, 05:12 AM
6 dollars at CMCF..ALSO 99.9 % of the time they sit all day in a chair ( no matter how sick they are) to see an "LPN" and only once in 2.5 years has my love one seen someone who we BELIEVE to be a doctor. Once she saw a "self designated doctor" what ever that is. This person said my love one was "not old enough to have heart trouble ( 42) and took all her meds away for her heart condtion. SINCE WHEN IS AGE A FACTOR FOR HEART TROUBLE?? If they are indigent they do not have to pay the 6 dollars. SADLY a friend was sending 10 dollars to a friend at CMCF and the inmate is vey sick so they were taking the money right out for sick calls. I am of the understanding that if it is a "repeat condition" that you do not pay the 6 dollars again but all I ask say each time it is 6 dollars each time. I have to think about the few that I know that are REALLY REALLY SICK and we would be glad to pay 6 dollars if they in fact were able to see a good doctor that is qualified to help them. However this is not the case.