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09-26-2004, 03:46 PM
Ely State Prison and Ely Conservation Camp
P.O. Box 1989
4569 North State Rt. 490
Ely, Nevada 89301

Phone: 775-289-8800

Warden: E.K. McDaniel

The Ely State Prison was the department’s sixth major institution. It was designed to replace the Nevada State Prison as the department’s maximum security prison. The design incorporated much of the best detention hardware and operating mechanisms available. Staff safety and positive control of the inmate population were the philosophical concepts controlling the design. The institution was designed and constructed in two phases. The first phase opened in 1989 with two single cell housing units; the second phase opened in 1990 with two additional single cell housing units. The housing units at the Ely State Prison were the prototypes for the design of the units at the Lovelock Correctional Center.

The institution’s two operations and support building divide the facility in the middle. The first building contains the administrative and operations offices, the school, law library, visiting, court room, and chapel. The second building contains the gymnasium, kitchen and dining rooms, prison industries, and maintenance shops. Gun posts provide for staff safety and control of inmates on both yards as well as in the dining rooms. There is a warehouse and trusty dormitory outside of the security perimeter. There are towers at each corner of the 1000 ft. by 1000 ft institution and there are rolls of razor ribbon between the perimeter fences.

The institution has four housing unit buildings, each with two separate housing sections. The sentence structure, institutional behavior, and disciplinary records of inmates determine where they are assigned. The first two housing units, now designated as Units 1 through 4 were constructed in phase one. Unit 1 houses protective segregation inmates. Unit 2 houses inmates in administrative segregation. Unit 3 houses 84 condemned inmates; it is death row. Unit 3 also houses some additional administrative segregation inmates. Unit 4 also houses administrative segregation inmates, as well as inmates in disciplinary detention.

The second two housing units, now designated as Units 5 through 8 were constructed during phase two. These units house the general population of the prison. Unit 5 houses those inmates who have the fewest privileges - called Level 4 - but who have earned a transfer from the phase one side of the prison. The inmates in units 6 through 8 - called Levels 3, 2, and 1 - have earned increased privileges on the basis of their positive adjustment and productivity. Unit 8 houses those inmate who have earned and work productively at responsible institutional assignments.

The warden of the Ely State Prison also supervises the Ely Conservation Camp of inmates assigned to the Nevada Division of Forestry and camp operations support assignments.

Ely State Prison

Ely Conservation Camp