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09-17-2004, 06:25 PM
Study: Kids Often Grow Up To Eat More Veggies
Perceived Lack Of Time Behind Unhealthy Meals

POSTED: 1:14 pm EDT September 17, 2004

If your children turns up their noses at vegetables, don't worry -- they might just grow out of it.

Has your diet improved since childhood?

Yes, it's much better now.
No, it's worse now.
It's about the same.
I'm not sure.

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A new study found that adults eat about twice the amount of fruit and vegetables and less fat and sugar than they did as children.

Nutritionists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne found that most people's diets get healthier from childhood to young adulthood.

In the study, researchers examined the food consumption of 200 schoolchildren ages 11 and 12 and revisited the same people 20 years later in their early 30s. The study was funded by the Wellcome Trust, an independent charity, and was published in the June issue of the journal Appetite.

Not all adults were loading up on the veggies. One-third of study participants blamed a busy lifestyle as a reason for not being able to prepare healthy meals, often because they believed fruit and vegetables needed time for preparation and cooking. But researchers said it was a perceived lack of time, rather than actual free time, that influenced people's food choices.

The study also found that spouses and children influenced people's diets. For example, people who saw their parents' influence as positive consumed more fruit and vegetables as adolescents. And while one-third of people, mainly men, felt their partners had a positive influence on their diet, 10 percent, mainly women, indicated their partners' influence was negative. om%2fhealth%2f3739778%2fdetail%2ehtml