View Full Version : I am going to the gym...BUT I am not going to like it!!!!

09-08-2004, 10:31 AM
Okay I just wanted to vent and I figured since it is about dieting and exercise I would do it here. :angry: I am so mad at my old gym and myself. I signed a year contract last July. I asked the lady if it was for a year and that is it. Yes she said but of course I didn't read the whole contract (my mistake) I haven't been since March because of other issues but any way when July came around I thought it was over. WRONG!! :eek: They took out the monthly fee in August, I called and they said that I still have to sign a paper saying I want to cancel (damn contract) and as long as they recieve it before Sept. 1 it would be canceled and the monthly fee would not be taken out. So here it is Sept. 8th and guess what they took it out again. :blah: :banghead: :banghead: It seems the lady said it would be cancelled but not till Sept. 30. Which she did not say that but do I have proof? NO!! So I am going to go to the gym since I have to pay for it and IF I can I am going to go every single day. Just to use the money that was forced out of my bank account. I just can't stand contracts, and I know it was silly of me to forget to cancel it in writing but I know for a fact the lady told me it would be canceled the first of Sept. WITCH!!!! Oh, well maybe I can get into some shape. Man:banghead: this bites. Just need to vent, thanks for listening.

09-09-2004, 11:30 AM
Yikes! =) I understand your anger! :blah: How annoying! :)

Best of luck!!!! :D