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08-12-2004, 10:08 AM
1st of all some of u might remember me...i was on here a while ago :) but then lost my internet so that was the end of me :( well i'm back now and i need crazy help!! (sorry it's a lil long)

ok heres my drama:
my man's locked up and he got into a fight with 2 inmates that came up behind him and stabbed him once in the chest and 2 more times randomly with an icepick. well my man got up and started fighting one of them while the other one tried to get him off his friend. my man wouldnt let the one kid go until he got tackled off. then he ran. well the COs got my man because of all the blood on him, but not the guys that stabbed him. well my man got moved to another facility and was on keep lock or whatever, where he's locked down 24/7. now he just got moved back to his original facility (where this all happened), and they put him in I.P.C. (involuntary protective custody). he doesnt want to be there but i guess they made the decision for him. well he got his ticket for what hgappened, and the ticket says basically that my man was the aggressor, that the COs saw him fighting and punching an unknown inmate, and doesnt say that the unknown inmate stabbed where does it say that my man got stabbed. now he didnt go to his ticket hearing yet so i dunno what he's gonna do about that. also, that day that he got stabbed he wasnt suppose to go to the yard, but they opened his cell anyway so he went out. now he says he has a crazy lawsuit against the state, but he doesnt know how to get around to start it. he told me to call legal aid and tell them that my man got into an incident and has a lawsuit against the state but doesnt know how to statrt it and for them to please send me some info about it. but honestly i dont know what to do because he only has 30 days since he got his ticket to start it and time is ticking.
also, the COs dont know who stabbed my man and he wont tell them who did it (they'll never snitch right? lol) maybe that has something to do with them not saying he was stabbed in the ticket?? i dunno.

i had no one else to turn to and i know you guys helped me out a lot in the past and i hope this time isnt any different. someone please help me and let me know what i can do about this. should i call legal aid and tell them what he told me 2 say? or is there another way of going about it?? HELP ME please!!! :confused:

08-14-2004, 11:24 AM
i cant really tell you what to do but if i was in your situation i would just call em up to see what kind of idea they have and what would be the best to do!!! it doesnt cost a thing to ask and in the worse case all they gonna do is say that they dont know how to help you which i doubt!!!

good luck on that one and i hope your man is feeling ok after all this disaster!!!!