View Full Version : Please help save the music program in PA prisons...August 12 deadline!

08-04-2004, 07:17 PM
The PA DOC is planning on shutting down the music programs in all of PA's prisons as of August 12, 2004. Please help to prevent this by writing to Governor Rendel and Jeffrey Beard. Here is a link to a printable letter:

08-04-2004, 07:21 PM
geez...they take away anything that does any good, don't they. What a shame.

08-05-2004, 05:11 AM
Yes, it does seem that they go out of their way to take away anything that has any real impact on rehabilitation and better equiping inmates to function in society. Here's some more background on the situation from

Dear Governor Rendell ( ) and Department of Corrections Jeffery Beard (

As concerned taxpayers, we implore you to reconsider your decision to close down all music programs in our state’s prisons as of August 12th. The music program is paid for out of the inmates welfare fund which is funded by the $4 million in overcharges of collect calls to prisoners families, commissary profits, craft sales etc., so it does not cost us taxpayers a penny. Many studies have shown the healing and rehabilitative power of music. This situation stems from false rumors stemming from allowing VH1 unlimited access to all music programs which they exploited by only showing one rock group instead of the gospel, jazz and R&B groups they filmed. False rumors spread from a DOC employee to the mother of a band member’s victim before the show even aired that rapists and murderers were being made into rock stars and getting paid. The mother was justifiably outraged over the lies she’d been told and asked a state legislator for help. Without investigating the claim, the legislator publicly attacked the VH1 documentary and swore publicly he’d pass laws preventing inmates from getting paid on TV even though this never happened. When the national media picked up the story, rumors ran rampant. And now you are capitulating to the anti-rehabilitation forces that want prisoners to have no positive experiences, to learn nothing, to just sit in their cells waiting to die, existing on bread and water. This excessive punishment flies in the face of rational thinking, for the benefits of the music program are one of the few left since so many other rehabilitative programs have been discontinued.