View Full Version : I have a visit with him Next Thursday up at Correctional Reception Center (CRC)

08-04-2004, 03:38 PM
Hey everyone,

today i got letters from my husband today and he sent stuff about visiting and who is allowed to go and what to bring. But there was no visiting form to fill out is that right that we dont need to fill one out to visit him up at CrC I am confused. It tells you what all to bring and everything but no form. Could someone tell me about CrC visiting and everything? I am all new to this whole visiting up at CrC. Could u tell me what goes on during the visits I mean are we going to be next to each other or accross from each other? Will he be able to hold our son during it? I have so many questions! Well Maybe could someone PM me that has gone up there and has a child also!! Thanks

08-04-2004, 05:29 PM
When you go in to CRC there is a book just as you walk in the door on the right..sign in. Then since it is your first visit go up to the desk and tell them who you are there to see and that its your first time, they will give you the forms and take all the documents you brought with you and copy them. You can only take in $20 in 5s and 1s and change, your ID and a locker key if you have stuff locked up. You can take in an empty sipy cup and diapers for a small child but everything must be in a clear plastic bag.
Once you get processed they will give you a slip and send you through a metal detector and send you to the visiting area. You go across as a group and go up to the guard at the desk with your visiting slip. They seat you and call for the inmate. When he comes in he has to go up to the desk and check in then he can come over to you. You are allowed one hug and kiss when he comes in and one before you leave. You can hold hands and he can hold his child. You most likely will be sitting across from each other. They watch you very closely there. Also be careful not to wear anything revealing or low cut and no shorts. You have to go to the vending area for him because inmates have to stay seated during the visit unless they call restroom break. You and your child can go to the bathroom any time you wish but the inmates go like once every 2 hrs I think.
I think I covered everything but if you have more questions post them here or PM me.Good luck on your first visit and enjoy it!!

08-04-2004, 06:38 PM
Have a wonderful visit, Amber!!!!

08-04-2004, 07:48 PM
When my hubby was there we weren't allowed to even hold hands. I wasn't thinking and had my arm around his chair, and was rubbing his back, the lady CO came and told us that that the visit could be cut short for that. I was however very glad to see that they let the guys interact with thier kids to no end. Be sure to get there early, it is best to be there with the first group because the vending machines go down quickly. We always went straight to the machines (after being assigned seats) and bought a ton of stuff that we knew he would want. I was never there during the week though, we only visited on the weekends. You can also take tissues in with you, but like timmysgirl said it must be in a clear plastic bag.
Have a super visit!!
Take care!! CJ (kmeg)