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12-11-2002, 08:59 AM
Hi everyone,

I havent been around the site much, to be honest, because this whole experience has me disgusted with myself and I dont find it easy to accept, although I do accept it.

But anyhow... time moves on.

Looks like I got an offer from the US Attorney. They have me at a level 22 - based on 2 felony guilty pleas.

I will get the 3 levels off for acceptance of responsibility, so I go down to a level 19 - which is 30-37 months. The US Attorney will reccomend the low end.

SO, Im at 30 months, which is the top end of what you need to be serving in order to qualify for the shock incarceration program, or boot camp. There are other stipulations as well, such as being a first time non-violent offender, and I believe I qualify for all of them.

I suppose that is a good thing. I would do 6 months in this boot camp and get a year off my sentence for it - which would bring my TOTAL TIME to 18 months. I think that after boot camp the remaining year would be spent in a combination of prison, halfway house, and home confinement. I havent really paid attention when my lawyer explained it. I didnt want to know, I suppose.

All that babbling leads to my acutal question, which is about federal boot camp itself.

I know they work you, dont feed you well, limit your phone time and such, but I would be curious if anyone had any actual details about what life is like there on a day to day basis. I have heard both sides of the spectrum: some people say it is horribly restrictive and painful while others tell me that I will find it pretty easy. Im young, work out, and at least as healthy as most people besides having high blood pressure.

If anyone has been in or knows anyone who has been in one of these federal boot camps, please fill me in as to what it was like, what the specifics of their routine was, and that sort of thing. Anything to make it more than some nebulous concept I cant wrap my brain around.

Thank you for your time. You all know how hard this stuff can be on people and their families. I dont think I will ever forgive myself for any of this. Between my wife, parents, kid, and another lady, I have more love than most people and it took this for me to recognize how lucky I am and how much I had going for me.

Im the biggest idiot I know of. It will be okay, eventually, but you know - faith can only help so much when you see your wife and father crying and feel yourself ailenating everyone for fear of hurting them further while you need them so badly at the same time.

Still, despite my idiocy, if you do indeed have relevant information, please humor me with a response. My family wants to know as much as I do.

Thanks a lot. I pray for everyone here daily, even when I am not around to read the posts.


Phil in Paris
12-11-2002, 09:55 AM

You can try this link:

Hope it helps ! :)

12-11-2002, 10:15 AM

yet again, i have no practical advice for a pto member, but i'd like to send you a hug and let you know i wish you and your family the best...

perhaps pto could be of help to your wife and family while you are away? as you know, we are a very welcoming group and we would take good care of them...

if i found out any info, i will pass it along.

best wishes,