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09-01-2017, 07:11 PM
Looking for any information on housing for pre released inmates or anyone that is in need of housing,in or out of prison.Half way houses ...resource list, web sites etc.[emoji111] any information would be helpful[emoji111]

09-08-2017, 02:37 AM
Well ....makes you wana say to your self why isn't any feedback poped off..?why is it that resources for transitional living is so hard to get at? is it so hard for a prisoner or someone that is place to lay his/her neck at night...
to get housing. steady Rocken speaking freely coming at you letting you know that they don't care they want you to slip and fall stumble fall underneath below from when you first hit your lowest point to bury yourself best believe we will do anything in our heart that is allowed withen our limits

09-08-2017, 06:48 AM
Casa Grande is an option but he will need to speak to his caseworker about this. One of my husbands 'acquaintances' also had the problem of finding somewhere. I googled 'hostels and halfway houses in Vegas' and found some for him but I don't think there's a lot out there.
The NV forum is always very quiet.

10-10-2017, 10:08 PM
My friend is moving to casa grande tomorrow. I had another friend who did a year at ccdc, and when he was released to a sober living house. Which is similar to a halfway house, but it is individually ran by the homeowner(s), and have there own rules. Casa Grande is the only transition that i know of, locally for inmates in the nv dept of corrections system. The inmate can apply for casa Grande, once they have completed the requirements... my friend spent april to june in high desert, earned enough credit to go to the conservation camp, and he put in a request for casa grande about a month ago. Today, he called and saod he is going there tomorrow. Im not sure of the requirements, but i know that my friend volunteers for work every weekend, is on the firefighting crew, and hasnt gotten into any trouble (no yard points) since getting up to high desert. He has one year more year almost to the day of his PED. I know of only one other halfway house, but that is for the federal prison. If you want more info,let me know and i will more tomorrow when i hear bavk from my friend and/or speak to an officer at casa grande .

10-12-2017, 09:57 AM
Any "transitional" or "half-way" houses you find will have unbelievable rules that are hard for the perfectionist to follow and will be outrageously priced. I know someone who paroled out to Siegel Suites (yes a studio apartment) which have a bed (no bedding) and a very thin door. Roaches are the pet of choice. But some are being paroled there and have a week or two paid for them. Its a foot out the door but its an out. Once he is out then you can figure on where to house him for good.
This is my only suggestion. Stay strong. The weak do not survive! IJS...

10-12-2017, 11:45 AM
Wow Oregon is much better. He just got six months free studio apartment. There are rules, curfews and drug screens but like he says it's better than prison. He has been out about three weeks and they said soon he will be able to stay gone on weekends. This was set up before he released by his counselor at the prison

10-20-2017, 05:30 PM
My fiancÚ was in the same sober living home you speak of. They made it hard for him to get a job and go to school because he had to take these stupid sober living classes even though he wasn’t addicted to drugs. They didn’t provide bus passes or anything I know my fiancÚ had a bad experience but I’m just telling you the truth.