View Full Version : Earned time not sent correctly. I am going crazy!

07-15-2017, 01:27 PM
Has anyone else had issues with a facility not giving an inmate their correct time. I am not totally sure of the correct terms for all of this but. My guy was in a county jail and was receiving his regular time plus time for being a trustee. They give them printouts every month of their time. He knew he would be nearly done around the first of May this year. He had his mom call Nashville to see if they knew an exact date for him. The lady she talked to said it look like he was missing some time. He had been moved to a different jail last summer so was no longer at that facility. We were told by Nashville that it looked like he had not been given all the trustee time that the paperwork he has says he should have. He had a parole hearing coming up at the end of May so we decided to wait until then and surely that would get him out. He took all his paperwork to the meeting and they even commented on how different the time they had for him was from the time his paperwork shows. A lady was suppose to bring him paperwork of what they say his time was but never did. They eventually denied his parole because they said and I quote " it would be a waste of money to release him since he will just get right off of it when he fixes his time". That was absolutely crazy to me!! I eventually went and spoke with a lawyer. He had him sent a credits earned request to Nashville so he could take both that and his paperwork to the jail to get the issue resolved. It has now been a month and he still had not got any paperwork on his sentence.I am calling his lawyer first thing Monday morning to see what is going on. This had been beyond ridiculous! He should have been home months ago! Has anyone else had such troubles with getting their time fixed?? I am just so at a loss of what to do. This system is so messed up!

08-07-2017, 10:08 AM
The people are lying to you in Nashville.. I am willing to bet that the jail turned in the paperwork and that the lazy boobs in Nashville did not put it into the system.. They are a sorry bunch ...