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07-20-2004, 06:35 AM
I will be surrendering to Bryan on Thursday. It is a 9 hour dirive from my home, so my husband and I will be leaving home on Wednesday morning and spend the night near Bryan and he will let me out on Thurs at Bryan. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the information that I have received here on PTO. I did not post a whole lot but constanly came to the site to get support from all of you that do post. I am hoping to meet Jewela (Julia)who self surrendered on July 15 there. She and I pm'd quite a bit. I know that 5 months is not quite as long as some of your loved ones have; but the unkown scares me somewhat. I am just anxious to get this over with and be able to go on with my life. I would love to hear how things are going on PTO while I am gone. Thanks again.

Patsy Strode
Reg #19439-076
FPC Bryan
P O Box 2149
Bryan, TX 77805-2149

07-20-2004, 06:47 AM
Hi Patsy. I see you are about to leave for Bryan. You take care of yourself. I hope the time passes quickly for you. We'll be here when you get they say in the Motel 6 ads...we'll leave the lights on! :grouphug:

07-20-2004, 07:16 AM
Best of luck Patsy. May your time pass quickly and may you find something positive in the experience.


07-20-2004, 07:28 AM
Good Luck. Hopefully your time in will be a positive experience as it seems it becomes for a lot of people here. Godspeed.

07-20-2004, 07:52 AM
Good Luck Patsy and tell Julia I said hello

07-20-2004, 09:13 AM
It seems like yesterday that I dropped my daughter off for a 5 month tour of duty. She is already past her one-half mark. The time will pass quickly if you stay busy and keep a positive attitude. I will certainly be thinking of you Thursday. You will be back here sharing information much quicker than you think!! Take good care of you.

07-20-2004, 09:50 AM
Thanks all of you for the well wishes. I will be back on PTO as soon as I get back from Bryan.

07-20-2004, 01:05 PM
Good luck Patsy. I have a friend who went to Bryan and she spoke highly of it. Well, not sure highly is the correct word lol, but she didn't have any bad experiences. It wasn't near what she was afraid it would be like. Take care!


07-20-2004, 01:30 PM
Pat, I was also in Bryan. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

07-20-2004, 02:15 PM

You will be in our thoughts and our hearts. I look forward to your your Welcome Home posts!!


07-20-2004, 04:02 PM
patsy may your time take wings we here at the pto will write you and keep you posted on the things that are going on in here. i bid you a farewell

07-20-2004, 04:03 PM

It has been great having you here on PTO....and we all will be here when you come back to see us on the other side of this bridge! We have another member who just found out she is going to Bryan you think you could arrange a "PTO Party" for us...and send us the details? We'd love to post it...even pictures if you will! That would be a first...3 of our own from the other side!

Stand tall...and walk proud! Your a beautiful person who has hit a bump in the road! You will be missed...but never forgotten! You'll hear from your family at PTO!


07-20-2004, 04:27 PM
Patsy....I'll bet that Julia will be a comfort to you. She will help show you the ropes. Please say hi to her from the PTO family. Best of luck to you.
Look forward to hearing from you when you return home. :wave:

07-21-2004, 05:52 AM
Hi, I am pats daughter and I guess I have a bunch of questions I need answered....I need to know what it is like there in general. My mom left this morning and she will surrender Thursday...anything you can tell me to help will be appreciated...

Pat, I was also in Bryan. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.