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01-23-2016, 02:12 AM
This afternoon just after 5pm Central Time my wife called to tell me she couldn't talk because there was a lockdown ordered. I asked if it was another tornado and she said no but that she was OK and would make sure she was OK and would call me later tonight if they were allowed out.

The phrasing "I'm going to make sure I'm OK", said with grim determination with a great deal of measured, controlled stress in her voice, is not something she ordinarily says nor the tone she ordinarily uses. It left me quite concerned.

There was not time to get further details, such as whether it was limited to the camp or whether it was FMC-wide. I couldn't even ask if it was limited to her or her room instead of being camp-wide.

I've made a number of calls to the facility and no one answers. I called the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram's night desk and the guy on it had not heard of a disturbance at FMC Carswell but said he would not have gotten notice of an internal lockdown.

Does anyone have any further information?

01-23-2016, 06:11 PM
A guard overreacted to a minor television "war" and had a hissy fit and locked down the whole camp.

It was over a disagreement in the news and sports room between a 70-something white woman who has, what is for a prisoner, a shoot-herself-in-the-foot taste for the FAUX news channel and some African American women who prefer the more-likely-to-have-prisoner-rights-programming College Channel. Because they move guards in and out of the camp like water, it's really hard for them to have the pulse of such interplay, so the guard on duty, when someone -- likely a friend of one of those in the dispute, probably on the white side of the argument as they'd been outnumbered and outvoted on the programming, stole the television's cord and posted a sign reading "Black Power", ordered the whole camp lockdown.

What he should've done, the television room being functionally locked down because there was no way the television would play sans its cord, was issue gloves to those involved in the dispute and ordered them to search the trash, which is probably where the cord ended up and ask the unit manager to refuse to let news or sports programming be shown until the cord was found or, if not found and requiring a replacement, until after some major sports event like the Super Bowl or Final Four that significant numbers in the camp would want to watch. This is not brain surgery.

He later admitted being discomforted because, if the incident had been at a men's prison, prisoners would've been murdered.

Why he reacted as if this was a men's FCI/USP, I have no clue. Guards seem to be trained to appeal to the hypercontrolling crisis response so characteristic of the COLORS system Yellow Personality Type typically attracted to the job. But when that ends up with the guard reacting as if a bunch of mildly quarrelsome minimum security level women were suddenly to have grown penises and a high propensity for severe violent behavior, perhaps it's time for the guard to get some training assistance that would permit him to overcome his tendency to let his amygdala control his brain enough that his ability to perform rational problem solving becomes compromised.