View Full Version : April 1 parole & home visit

04-01-2014, 04:19 AM

I know this question has been asked by numerous people, but I need some guidance. My husband was granted parole & was eligible to be released today (4/1/14), and I called our regions parole office to see what I needed to do last week. They had received his case file and assigned a PO. I was told to call his PO later that week if I hadn't heard from her. I called Wednesday, left a very polite message that I was hoping to arrange for a home visit and sign whatever paperwork necessary. Called back two days later, left another polite message, said I was anxious to take care of whatever I needed to do, etc. as the date was very close, no response. He talked with the woman in Dedham CC who is part of the parole release program, and she said she could send our local office an email tomorrow (4/2), but that's about it. My husband wants me to call the local office again and speak to a supervisor, because I should have heard something by now (all 6 guys that he went through the parole process with are all set to leave, except him). I'm afraid that will just annoy the PO and she will drag things out more. He's only been in for 3 months, but with my full-time work, commuting back and forth to Boston and four kids to take care of (ages 10-17), I really need my husband home as soon as possible (not to mention the bills! he needs to go to work). Any advice from someone who has been through the process would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.