View Full Version : Sentenced Yesterday

09-19-2013, 08:30 AM
My sentencing finally happened yesterday. I definitely do feel better. I had received a copy of my PSI report a week before, so I knew my guidelines were 10-16 months. The investigator who told all the lies and coerced my little boy into lying drove all the way up to Waco from San Antonio to sit behind me in the courtroom. So the devil was on my back, but I just said, "Stay thee BEHIND me, Satan!" :)

My attorney told me I would have a chance to make a statement to the court on my behalf, so I had a piece of paper inside my Bible (which I had taken with me in case they didn't let me self-surrender) and began to write what was on my heart.

They sentenced another guy first who had no prior record, and as soon as they got done with him they called me. I was just writing the last word on my statement. I got up there and cracked right in the middle of reading it, started crying... had to hold my hand up to let the judge know I wasn't finished. Anyway, he gave me 10 months, self-surrender, and 3 years of supervised release.

When we went to leave, the prosecutor got up out of his chair and bowed to me and said, "Best of luck to you, ma'am." He did not do that when the other guy left the podium.

My lawyer said my statement was great and he has never seen this judge go with the lowest of the guidelines - he always goes right in the middle. So for a week I had been expecting 13 or 14 months. I started out by saying I was sorry and admitting my past drug use and crimes, but stating that I have been clean for 11 years and have gotten all my classes for LCDC licensure, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, and am presently working on my MBA. I also talked about how sorry I was that I had disappointed my family and my husband most of all, who has all these health issues and that I oversee his medications.

My lawyer requested Bryan, and the judge said he will make the recommendation. I know the BOP can send me anywhere they want, but I went downstairs to see my Pre-trial officer, and he said all of the women he has had on his caseload and who have been sentenced this year have gone to Bryan. He also said that I can apply for an extension on my self-surrender after he gets the letter so that I can finish this semester and not waste the $3K in tuition that I have paid. Not too sure I want to wait, though. I am thinking I would rather drop the classes and re-take them when I get out. I really wanna get this over with.