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05-27-2004, 04:03 AM
I experienced a search warrant served at my residence for the first time back in 2001. I may not ever forget those guns and all the rude people that tore my door down and entered to search the home. My 8 and 1 year old were sleep and awaken to guns being pointed at them. (How unnecessary!) All this over a financial crime. They treated me like I was some big time dope dealer with weapons lying around. I don't sell drugs and I hate guns! :angry:

I went back and forth to court for over three years. I was just sentenced this month. I'll be surrendering in July to serve an 18 month sentence. I had recommendations from both prosecutor and probation department for a 1 year and 1 day sentence where I would have been doing 10 1/2 months with good time. But NOooooo, the judge just had to show off and be a tuff guy by giving me the max. Even though I am a single parent with two kids who really needs me, and this is my first (and last) offense. Also, not considering the fact that I haven't been in trouble in the 3 yrs that I have been waiting for a resolution while having to report twice a week to a pre-trial release worker during the whole three years.

Well everyone, we all know that we all make mistakes in life. Regardless if it is stealing cable, cheating on your spouse, j-walking, smoking a little marijuana, littering, cheating on your time sheet, going past the speed limit, etc. I regret what I have done in the past no doubt. I think about it each day and night. I look at my kids and sometimes I just cry because I just want to give them the best in life since I didn't have it so good as a little girl. Their father is in a state prison serving 7 years and now me. They already don't have a father at home, and now mommy is being sent away too.

The reason why I committed my crime is because I needed money fast. I had a job at the time and I was going to school. Then I discovered that my daughter had a massive tumor and needed surgery to have one of her ovaries removed. She was only six years old. I lost my job because I needed to be with my daughter while she was in the hospital waiting for surgery. That's when money started getting tight. I also had to stay home and care for her when she was released from the hospital. I started getting behind in bills and also received a 30 day notice to move. I was so stressed out. That's when I decided to make some quick cash. Two years later I was busted.

Now I am doing much better. Every thing is legal. My kids are 11 and 4 now. They have their own rooms. We feel better. I have better credit now. We are just doing way better then we were back then. Its a shame that now I have to go to a Federal Prison for 18 months for a non-violent crime instead of being on Home Detention so that I can't keep my home and family together and continue to progress for the better. That was my whole mission in the first place. Even though I have already rehabilitated myself and am no longer doing anything illegal, still they are ignoring the resolution. United States needs to make up it's mind! Is it really worth it to spend over $30,000 in tax dollars to send me to a federal prison for a first time non-violent offense when they could save money by confining me to home detention? That $30,000 could be used for housing the homeless and low income!

I take full responsibility for my actions, but United States should seek more alternatives like home detention or even community service for some non-violent crimes. I made a mistake that anyone could easily make under the circumstances that I was facing. I'd take it back if I could. I'd even pay back the money twice if I had it. Now I'll be a single mother with a felony. Some people would probably say, " Well you should have thought about that before you did it". Well I did think about a lot before I did it. However, I can't change the past but I have changed my attitude.

05-27-2004, 06:24 PM

Welcome to PTO!

I am sorry to hear that you have found yourself in this situation. I am also sorry to hear that the Judge has given you the full 18 months.

I also completely understand why you did what you did, when your child's life is in the balance you do what you have too. Then we pay the price later.

I remember standing in front of the Judge at my sentencing, thinking what would this individual do, if his child's life was in the balance, for I acted in the belief that my daughter and I were in danger - defense of my daughter and self defense, in other words.

I have come to the conclusion that the people who make these laws and enforce these laws and hand down these harsh sentences have forgotten what it is to be human. The Judges, etc., are simply automotrons who enforce the laws of a government gone insane, in many cases, even if a Judge wants to depart from a lengthy sentence, he cannot because of the insane laws.

Yes, there are those in the judicial system who see the insanity of it all, however, they are few and far between. There are even some here on PTO.

That day in court, when they took away part of my life, I remember thinking: Who is the real criminal here? I have my answer, it is not I, you have to answer that question for yourself.

Yes, it is 18 months away from your children and that is the hard part, but remember, you did do something illegal, but you daughter is still with you and will be there to support you.

Was it wrong yes, was it illegal yes, however, does her illness justify your actions? Well that is for you to answer, in the laws eyes the answer is no, if the court had any compassion though it would have reduced your time.

Be strong, hold your head proud, and know that we will be here to support you every step of the way.

I imagine, this may not be the response that you or maybe many others expected.

However, my response comes from someone who had to take action that was also considered wrong and illegal in the eyes of the law, but my daughter and I are here.

Would I do it again and face the cost again?

Yes, if I had no other option, but the price has been heavy.

I wish there had been another way.

Stay Strong,


05-28-2004, 09:55 AM
I am so sorry, U will be in my thoughts and prayers.

05-28-2004, 04:38 PM
Sorry to hear you got a judge much like the one my son got. He too is a first time offender, he turned 21 in prison last August. Both his lawyer and the prosecutor asked for probation but nooooo, his judge gave him the max 3.5 years PLUS 5 years probation. My heart goes out to you.....