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11-14-2002, 07:58 AM
To: Gaye Plumadore

Re: Government Tyranny

Hello Gaye,
This letter is in response to your letter dated November 14, 2002 to us. Since you are starting trial by the 18th of this month, there is very little time left. It is recommend that you direct the government attorney that was appointed to you to file a “Challenge of Jurisdiction” yesterday. Direct him to challenge territorial and subject matter jurisdiction. He will come back to you and say that the court has “General jurisdiction.” This can be overcome with a little effort on his part but the $64,000.00 dollar question is: will he?


If you have any reservations on the above, question yourself this: Did the alleged crime take place on federal land that was lawfully ceded to the United States from the State of Maine pursuant to the guidelines set forth under title 40 USC §255, and did the United States lawfully accept this said land where the alleged crime took place? If you do a little homework you will also find out the courthouse where you are having the trial was never cede to the United States (see land records in city/town hall).


Your subject matter here is “Drugs.” Ask for the “Nature” of the charge. With regards to the so-called drug laws under title 21 USC §, they are being misapplied. The major corruption on this came in during the Nixon Administration when Nixon took the powers from The Congress (regarding drugs) and administered them to the Attorney General. See the Drug Comprehensive Act of 1970 and compare it with the “Statute At Large.” One can see how the Office of the United States Attorney General altered the penalty sections.

If nothing is done at this crucial stage to the procedures, you can count on witnessing the most corrupt form of government taking place in a federal criminal courtroom where the jury will come back with a guilty verdict. Still have reservations? Have the said attorney do a drug profile on that court for the past 2-3 years on drug case and look at the statistics.
In closing, please keep in mind that the court is operating under the Bastardized child of the U.S. Constitution called “Administrative law” and the courts have been closed for remedy a number of years ago.

I am sorry for taking the position here of being so forward, but it is the intent here to save the sovereign people in America from the long arm of the well orchestrated government tyranny that has combined all three Branches of the Government into one, for the purpose of power and monetary gain, therefore, I wish you and all involved in this instant matter all the luck in the world.