View Full Version : News story proves that they feed our loved ones crap

05-23-2004, 04:48 PM
In a recent story covered by WLOX out of Biloxi, a statement was made that they only spend $2 a day. What can you possibly feed anyone for two dollars a day? :angry: (

The story is about an investigation into how much it cost to house someone in a county jail. It all stems from the legislation to reduce the amount of money paid to the counties that house state inmates.

They already got the jail there, whether they have state inmates or not. They already have deputy, they already have the utilities The only increase in operating costs is food costs. We're feeding them at Parchman for less than $2 a day, and I know that they're not paying much more than that at these jails.
That is just digusting. It seems no one realizes that these people are still human. There are people spend more money feeding their dogs.

05-23-2004, 11:51 PM
Sollie, who is president of the Mississippi Sheriffs Association, said in 2003 state inmates worked 155,392 man-hours in community service in Lauderdale County. He said the tasks performed by inmates on kitchen and laundry detail would have cost the county $221,965 if minimum wage workers had been hired to the do those jobs.

They are saving all this money, paying the inmates pennies to work and they can only afford to give them $2 a day for food?? :blah:

I dunno people, I can't even get a decent meal from the 99cent menu at Mickey D's for 2 bucks, this is so sad. And the fact that this proposal got shot down in the past should prove that this is just a BAAAAAAAD idea!!! what do you all think?!??!? :rolleyes:

05-24-2004, 12:42 AM
I think it's terrible to cut any lower.It's like they said that they are already down to $20 a day.