View Full Version : Parole Board screws up then denies parole

07-21-2012, 02:52 PM
My boyfriend went in front of the Parole Board at the end of April and was granted parole. He was informed that all that they needed to do was check with Victim Services to see if any of his victims had a problem with him being released early (mind you he's in for drug charges). Well apparently someone at the Board didn't do their job properly and didn't document any part of the checks they did with the so-called victims. My boyfriend was informed of this and was also told that he needed to go in front of the Parole Board again. In his second appearance before the Parole Board, he was denied parole and was informed that he would have to serve another 10 months when he was supposed to have been released two months ago. What arguments can he use to appeal the decision and can he go above the Parole Board considering they're the ones that screwed up?