View Full Version : Frustrated - I only ever hear "pending" when I call

06-21-2012, 03:23 PM

Does anyone else have issues with the Rachel Jackson Building and the BOPP? It's so irritating everytime I try and call and ask a question everyone is so rude and no one wants to help do anything!!! So my husband went up for parole a few weeks back, and everytime someone goes up after their hearing it always says "pending"so 2 1/2 weeks later it still is "blank" so when I ask they say it never says pending?? WTF REALLY? lol! So is there any ladies out there, that their men went up for parole and it never said pending?? just went straight to board decision??
Thanks :)

jeff's woman
07-01-2012, 09:29 PM
my fiancee's said pending, guess they've never

countrysgirl 24
08-13-2012, 10:07 AM
My fiancÚs says pending he went to the revocation board last week and when there the hearing lady said it takes 30-45 days for the final results and that it may or may not say pending online it all depends if it is updated before the final results of course they don't care that it's so hard for us waiting to no know anything

12-09-2012, 02:01 AM
My son goes up for parole on the 15th of January 2013. Reading all your comments makes my heart sick. I was hoping that we get an answer the day of the parole hearing. ~sigh~ Palms 22 you can go online to check his status rather than calling and talking to the rude people. Well....tried to post the link on here but it wouldn't let me. I'm assuming you are in if you are you can google Tennessee Felony Offender Information Lookup and it should pull the link up for you. Good luck. :-) At least you can check it daily to see if there are any changes in his status. I know what you mean about the system. They had my son's time wrong for the past 3 years. It took us that long for them to get it corrected...then another month and a half for them to set up his parole date. Thanks for the info all of least I know what we have to look forward to. God Bless all of you and your families. :-)

01-02-2016, 10:49 PM
My daughter was arrested 3/9/15. she was sentenced October to 3 years at 30% and 10 years probation. The person she got in trouble with is already on FOIL. I have called the court house where we are located and all I got was run around, I called TDOC and they said same thing run around. She is eligible for parole like the 3rd week in January. I guess she is not going up for parole because FOIL doesn't have her in the system. Who should I call for help with this? Thanks in advance!!