View Full Version : First time in prison for my daughter?? where are they sent to do 12 years?/

05-01-2012, 10:16 PM
wow, missing you baby girl and girls are great, just wanted to say that first, and does anyone know what prison they will send somebody from riverside county?? she was sentenced to 12 years on thr 20th of last month...

05-03-2012, 12:17 AM
I just got out 4/16/12. She will go to CCWF (Chowchilla) and she'll go to A Yard first. You can look her up on their site you can also go to a website called and sign up (free) and they'll let you know of all of her movement. She is what they consider to be a "Long Termer" so she'll be in building 503 most likely unless their housing needs requires something else. 503 is a two man cell building very much like a county jail. The longest they can keep her on A-Yard (Reception) is 120 days (4 months). However, they're moving MUCH faster now then what they were when I first got there last September. She'll probably see her counselor within 2 months and then she'll be endorsed. When I paroled 3 weeks ago they were NOT endorsing anyone to CCWF prison they were endorsing all of them to VSPW (which is slated to close next year and is located across the street from CCWF) or CIW. I don't know her crime but if it's violent she still has a shot at CIW which is the most laxed prison we have here in CA. As of 1/1/12 CCWF is the ONLY receiving prison for women in California. The good thing about her being in 503 is Mr. Hall (her housing staff) and Mr. Clark (also housing staff) will allow her to work for a phone call if she bugs them enough. If she was in 502 or 501 it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get a phone call unless she's working all the time. There are NO phone calls allowed in reception. Umm lets see, they take 55% of all monies and were considering going up to 60% so make sure you send her as much $ as you can when you can and it's easiest if you do it via ( She only gets to shop once a month sometimes twice and she can only spend up to $110 at a time. You can send her books but they have to come directly from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. B&N might be easier cause you can go to the store pick out the books and ask them to send them to her - DO NOT SEND HER MORE THAN 5 WHILE IN RECEPTION. I know most people worry about the safety of their loved one. It's not all bad unless she makes it bad for herself. It TRULY is what you make it. Let her know NOT to fight or get in trouble it can keep her in reception longer and block her from certain privileges once permanently housed. She'll get out for 1hr 45 per day some days 2hr 45 min. She will be fine!! You can actually start writing her if you look her up on those sites get her W# (ID #) and just put that next to her name and P.O. Box 1508 Chowchilla CA 93610. Don't worry about not having her housing info IT WILL FIND HER. It takes a while to get the first letter so give her time. I strongly suggest you send her stamped envelopes (buy at post office) or books of stamps and envelopes. If you do stamped envelopes you can send her 40 if you do stamps you can do 20 stamps and 20 envelopes. Families do this because it allows the inmate to have more money to spend on other items on canteen. $9.00 is a lot when you only shop once a month! That's how much stamps are and they you buy the envelopes separate. You can also send her legal pads, cards, pretty stationary paper all kinds of stuff. A lot of family members send all types of cards to their loved ones to sell for canteen. Technically it's not allowed but it's prison.

But to answer your OVERALL question she'll be at Chowchilla for a while until the move her to CIW or VSPW. Even if she goes "over the wall" as we call it at Chowchilla - which means General Population she'll still most likely wait there to go to VSPW or CIW. Write her! She'll be so happy to hear from you! I hope I've given you lots of info! She's safe, she's fine. Might be a little hard for her at first but tell her to stay strong, stay in prayer, stay away from girls (don't be gay for the stay) cause they lead to 90% of the fights there and tell her to be neat, clean and stay out of peoples business. She'll be JUST FINE! If I can do it, hell anybody can!

She should run into a few ppl there from Riverside I know one in particular on D yard who also has a 12 year sentence. Anywho take care feel free to reach out with questions and I'll keep you guys in prayer!