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04-04-2012, 09:51 AM
Montford (JM)

Correctional Institutions Division - Psychiatric Facility

ACA Accredited Unit Since April 2007

Unit Full Name: John Montford Psychiatric Unit

Unit Address and Phone ( Number: 8602 Peach Street, Lubbock, TX 79404
(806) 745-1021 (**090)

Unit Location: Two (2) miles southeast of Loop 289 on Hwy 84 in Lubbock County

Senior Warden: Gary Currie

Regional Director: Jason Heaton, Region V (

CI Division Deputy Director: William L. Stephens

Date Unit Established or On Line: Trusty Camp - December 1994;
Montford Psych Unit - July 1995;Western Regional Medical Facility - August 1996

Total Employees *: 865

Security Employees *: 494

Non-Security Employees *: 49

Windham Education Employees *: 4

Contract Medical and Psychiatric Employees *: Medical = 180; Psychiatric = 138

Offender Gender: Male

Maximum Capacity*: Unit: 550; Trusty Camp: 400

Medical Facility: 98 (Not included in unit capacity)

Custody Levels Housed: Outside Trusty, All levels requiring psychiatric treatmentMedical Facility: All levels requiring medical treatment

Approximate Acreage: 1,304

Agricultural Operations: Contract Farming, Regional Pest Control (, Unit Garden, Unit Food Bank Garden Program

Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: None

Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance

Additional Operations:Special Needs Kitchen

Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental ( and mental health services. Fifty skilled nursing beds, which includes six respiratory isolation rooms, 44 long-term care beds and four intensive care unit beds, for a total of 98 infirmary beds. Thirty bed holding area available and an additional 550 in-patient mental health beds. Type I geriatric facility. On-site surgical suite, dialysis facility, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, chronic care and brace and limb services. Telemedicine Services available. All services on a single level. Managed by Texas Tech

Educational Programs: Literacy (Adult Basic Education/GED), Special Education, CHANGES/Pre-Release, Cognitive Intervention

Additional Programs/Services: Adult Education Program (upon availability), Project RIO, Chaplaincy Services, Crime Stoppers

Community Work Projects: Services provided to city agencies, the area food bank, local organizations and the Texas Department of Transportation

Volunteer Initiatives: Employment/Job Skills, Substance Abuse Education, Support Groups, Mentoring, Life Skills, Parent Training, Marriage Training, Religious/Faith Based Studies and Activities

* Data as of July 31, 2010