View Full Version : Started out mad...but now Im ok...

05-06-2004, 07:20 AM
T called me at 1am this morning. Seems the people over at Spalding Co. jail are a bunch of idiots. He was extradited on Tuesday and had been in a holding cell ever since...not able to shower, brush his teeth --nothing. When he was extradited it was 6am on Tuesday...not enough time for him to he was fuming that he was still in the holding cell, stinky, dirty and pissed off...which rubbed off on me because I was already tired :angry: . Not to mention the fact of the conditions he described to me...dirty mattress, half of a sheet to use as a blanket (what in the world?) Not even that, they took all his goods away from him (soups, candies, cookies, cakes, soap, deodorant and paper and a few pictures), saying he wasn't "authorized" to have them...even though he just came from another jail? That confuses the crap out of me :confused: . I called up there this morning at 6am and spoke to Lt. Womack, and by 9am he was moved to gen. pop. Why does it take me to call for them to get on their jobs? I mean, would they go 2 days without bathing? Why would they think it's ok for him to then? Oh yeah, he is just an "inmate" in their eyes...I could have kicked them in the shins for doing him like that.

I'm glad that they finally got him out of that holding cell, but he also told me to get in contact with his sister and tell her to come pick up his clothes, because apparently after 30 days, they give the clothes and shoes away to the trustees for them to work in...boggles my mind.

I am going up there next weekend to see him. Anyone know if they provide for special visits for people that are coming from out of town?

Other than that I am maintaining...just working and praying that he doesnt catch gangrene or something of that nature from the nastiness. :angry: