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04-29-2004, 11:07 AM
965 Elm St
PO Box 9106
Concord, MA 01742

Phone: (978) 405-6100
Security Level: 4
Superintendent: Peter Pepe

MCI-Concord has been designated as a medium security facility which serves as the Massachusetts Department of Correction's Reception and Diagnostic Center. Effective October 1995, MCI-Concord receives all new court commitments of the male offender. After a specified period of time following an inmate's initial arrival into the prison system - usually twelve to sixteen weeks - an inmate will appear before the Classification Board, which will determine or recommend both a security rating and an institutional placement.

Visiting Information

(New Schedule effective 4/11/2004)

The schedule is based on the first letter of the inmate's last name, except for the SHU (J-4) unit which applies to all inmates housed in that unit.

A-D :
Tuesday~1:00PM – 3:50PM
Thursday~6:20PM- 8:30PM
Saturday~1:00PM – 3:50PM

Sunday ~6:20PM- 8:30PM
Wednesday ~1:00PM – 3:50PM
Friday ~6:20PM- 8:30PM

Wednesday ~6:20PM- 8:30PM
Friday~ 1:00PM- 3:50PM
Saturday~6:20PM- 8:30PM

SHU (J-4) Unit Visiting
Sunday~1:00PM- 3:50PM
Tuesday~6:20PM- 8:30PM
Thursday ~1:00PM- 3:50PM

There are no visits at Concord on Mondays.

Holiday Visiting
A different visiting schedule is applicable during the following holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Evacuation Day (Suffolk County) Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, Bunker Hill Day (Suffolk County), Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The holiday visiting hours are as follows:
SHU (J-4)`~ 8:50am-10:50am ONLY
A-D~ 8:50am-10:50am ONLY
E-O~ 1:00pm – 3:50pm ONLY
P-Z~ 6:20pm-8:30pm ONLY.

Any person wishing to visit an inmate housed in Special Management unit (SMU) must make an appointment. These visits are non-contact.

SMU Visiting Schedule:
Sunday: 5:35pm – 6:35pm, 6:45pm – 7:45pm
Monday: 1:00pm- 2:00pm, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Friday: 5:35pm – 6:35pm, 6:45pm – 7:45pm
Saturday: 5:35pm – 6:35pm, 6:45pm – 7:45pm

Visits will not be processed if the visitor arrives more than a half-hour after the scheduled time of visit.

To make a appointment contact the SMU Sergeant at (978) 405-6100 ext 321 Sunday-Thursday from 3:00pm- 11:00pm ONLY. Scheduling of visits is first come, first serve.

Each inmate may receive 3 visits a week. Two adults are allowed per visit. Visitors with infants may only bring in one small receiving blanket, a pacifier and/or a clear plastic bottle filled with milk or water.

Dress Code:
The following articles of clothing ARE NOT permitted in the visiting room: No bathing suits, shorts, cut-offs, halter tops, tube tops, half shirts, see-through clothing, sweat pants, jogging suits, multilpple layers of clothing, unlined or open pockets, no bare feet, no hats of any type, no gloves or scarves, stretch pants, spandex, camouflage, cargo pants, hospital type clothing, overalls, torn clothing, leg warmers, t-shirts, black pants and white shirt (males only), denim clothing of any color (male only), metal objects, shirts without collars, elastic waist bands, draw string clothing.

Visitors wishing to provide an inmate with funds may do so by mailing in a money order through the U.S. Postal Service or using the mailbox in the lobby. No cash or personal checks are to be sent in. The mailbox in the lobby is not to be used for inmate correspondence. Any letters found in the mailbox will be discarded.

Visitors that wish to pick up an inmate’s property that has been designated as contraband, or that the inmate wants removed from the institution, shall be allowed to do so through the Property Sergeant during the following times only: Tuesday - Friday, 12:45 pm - 1:00 pm and 5:45 pm - 6:00 pm.

The following programs are available at this facility.

Departmental Services:
Building Bridges to Employment
Chaplaincy Services
Library Services
Recreation Services
Volunteer Services

Departmental Programs:
Release and Lower Security Preparation Program
Risk Reduction Assessment Unit

Education and Training:
Educational Counseling

Institution Specific Programs:
Alternatives to Violence (AVP)
Changing Lives Through Literature (Book Discussion)
Emotional Awareness and Healing
Father's Group
Healthy Survival Skills
Introduction to Treatment
Rational Recovery
Self/Help Twelve Step Programs
Veteran's Program

01-21-2005, 11:35 PM
ms heather
thank you so much for your info it has really helped except i need directions if you can please i am new to this so please bare with me my boyfriend just got sent to mci in concord he was in dedham house of correction for 2 plus years so this prison stuff is all new to me and very confusing so any help or advice would be great please help

01-27-2005, 03:11 AM
Hi Yingyang!

Welcome to PTO! We are glad to have ya here.

Here are directions to Concord. If you need anything else don't hesitate to PM me.

:) Heather

965 Elm Street
P.O. Box 9106
Concord, MA 01742
(617) 727-1950

From Boston: Take Storrow Drive West to Alewife Brook Parkway and Route 2 West. Pass the Fresh Pond Mall and Alewife MBTA Station. Go through Belmont, Lexington and Lincoln tO the Route 2/2A rotary in Concord. MCI-Concord is on the left. Go around the rotary past Route 2 and exit at Commonwealth Avenue. The parking lot is on the right.

From the North: Take Route 495 South to exit 29A (Route 2 East/Cambridge/Boston). Follow Route 2 East through Littleton and Acton to the Routes 2/2A rotary in Concord: Exit rotary at Commonwealth Avenue. The parking lot is on the right.

From the South: Take Route 495 North to exit 29A (Route 2/East/Cambridge/Boston). Follow Route 2 East through Littleton and Acton to the Route 2/2A rotary in Concord. Exit rotary at Commonwealth Avneue. The parking lot is on the right.

From the East: Take Route 2 West to the Routes 2/2A rotary in Concord. MCI-Concord is on the left. Go around the rotary past Route 2 and exit at Commonwealth Avenue. The parking lot is on the right.

From the West: Take Route 2 East to the Routes 2/2A rotary in Concord. Exit rotary at Commonwealth Avenue. The parking lot is on the right.