View Full Version : Please help us!!!!! I'm so scared

liz sosebee
10-31-2002, 10:46 AM
What will happen next??? Hi you all , me and my husband been together 17 years , have 3 wonderful children , 16,13 & 10. Sose has always been a good husband and even better daddy. 2 years ago he starting messing around with Ice, and things went to hell in a hand basket. To make a long story short ..he got busted in Jan selling 10 grams to an undercover and he was also charged with eluding and in the process ran into a cop car , did 2100.00 of damage. Went to court 4 or 5 time and did all this plea bargining. In the process he checking himself in a rehab, because this stuff was killing him and us. 30 days to the letter he had a heart attack and had a triple bypass. All that was left was the sentencing.. but since his heart attack and this being his 2nd, because he has heart disease and hes just 41. Went to court on the 19th of OCT and did a non negotatiated plea , hoping the judge would consider his health , family and the fact that he was clean and sober 96 days, But things went really wrong. and the Judge sentenced him to 20 years do 8 . The judge said he was old enough to know better and to old for rehab. My husband had never had a felony and hadn't anything on his record in 12 years. Now hes headed to Jackson Georgia. 20 YEARS.... PEOPLE KILL AND DONT GET THAT......Someone help me and tell me what is next... Will he pull the entire 8 years and God I never expected to be a single mother .... my kids are the ones being punished.... god bless all liz i need advise and prayers....... people i thought were my friends ant there now either ..I'm scared he will die in this place........