View Full Version : Individual Re-entry Plan

11-09-2011, 11:53 AM
Hello. I am just looking for a little clarification on a certain matter. My man is supposed to get out on Sept 25, 2012. He is supposed to be coming home to me. Since his release is only 10 months away I asked him if he has started his IRP or Individual Re-entry Plan yet. He says that he does not have to do that because he is flattening his time so he doesn't have to tell them anything. I have read the MA-DOC policy on re-entry and the way it reads makes it sound like EVERYONE has to have an IRP ready before they can be released. It also said that if an inmate refuses to tell the DOC where they will be living then they will be considered homeless and will have to go to a half way house. Since I know my man would never allow this I am wondering-since he is flattening does he have to go through the same thing a person who is paroling would have to? The DOC policy on re-entry doesn't mention what would happen to someone who is flattening their time. It just really talks about people who are paroling or are going to be on probation. If there is anyone who has gone through this please let me know what your experience was. I feel a red flag here and I don't like it. I read on here of one girl going to pick up her man on his release date and she saw him get in a car with another girl and take off and she never seen or heard from him again. DO NOT want this to happen to me. HELP!!