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04-19-2004, 06:36 AM
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Dear Friend,

As you are sitting in your home or office reading this e-mail, the National Rifle Association is holding their national meeting in Pittsburgh and their number one priority is to legalize assault wepaons that are now illegal. If you care, we better do something about this together because Bush/Cheney aren't going to do anything. Read on.

The two keynote speakers at the convention are NRA Board Member Ted Nugent and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Here is what NRA Board Member Ted Nugent has to say for himself.

"Apartheid isn't that cut and dry. All men are not created equal. The preponderance of South Africa is a different breed of man."

On homosexuality: A "despicable act" performed by "guys that have sex with each other's anal cavities."

"I'm a fun guy, not a sexist or a racist.... I use the word nigger a lot because I hang around with a lot of niggers ...."

He's quite a guy, isn't he? And Dick Cheney has agreed to share the stage with Mr. Nugent. That speaks for itself. ( We have greeted the NRA leadership with a full-page ad in today's New York Times. (Click here to see it.) ( Hope you like it.

Bush/Cheney say they support renewing the assault weapons ban but their actions say something totally different. If the assault weapons ban isn't renewed this summer, illegal AK-47's and Uzi's will be back on our streets and back in our neighborhoods thanks to the NRA and Bush/Cheney.

So the Bush administration is siding with the most powerful special interest in this country - the NRA. Every national law enforcement agency in America fought hard to get this ban passed. Almost 80% of America's voters want it renewed. Will the President stand with the American people and America's police? Or will he cave in to the extremists at the NRA?

Our campaign has begun. The Million Moms are marching in Washington DC on May 9th. Click here to learn about it and get involved. (

Our goal is 1 million petitions (CLICK HERE to sign the petition) ( and $1 million to mount a massive advertising campaign. CLICK HERE to contribute. (

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The Million Moms are marching in DC on May 9th!
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Almost 80% of Americans agree that the assault weapons ban must be renewed. Bush has to hear us and he will with your help.

Here is what Tom Ridge, Secretary of the Homeland Security Department, said when he was in Congress and running for governor, he voted for the ban on assault weapons saying," We must change our strategy in the war against crime ... As governor ... I will enact a tough, comprehensive crime bill ... [including] the ban of assault weapons..."

Here is what former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani says: "There should be very, very few litmus tests, but someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues."

Help us renew the ban and keep AK-47's and Uzi's off our streets.

Thanks for your support.