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10-23-2002, 07:42 AM
> Dear Friends, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to NOT take Kevin
> > > case. (See article below). Thus, the Governor of Kentucky is now
> pondering
> > > whether stop Kevin's execution. For more info, feel free to
> Eileen,
> > > Kevin's wife.
> > > > > . For background on Kevin see two
> > > and
> > >
> > Kentucky's
> > > Governor Paul Patton can be emailed about Kevin at
> > or written at 700 Capitol Ave.,
Frankfort, KY
> > 40601.
> > > > >
> > >Pat Delahanty, the leader of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the
> > Penalty, sent the following note.:
> >
> > Governor Patton is fully advised about Kevin, his crime, his past,
> > present life. So, your letters do not have to recount all that. But
> > write and urge him to "commute his death sentence" and urge him NOT
> sign
> > a death warrant when requested to do so. I can assure you the
> > not anxious to execute someone who committed a capital crime prior
> > age of 18, so remind him Kevin was a 17-year old who, like all
> > children, do not have the mental capacity to make adult judgments.
> > addition, he was a physically and sexually abused 17-year old and,
> > therefore, even less likely to be thinking clearly. For this
reason, ask
> the
> > governor to commute his death sentence. Thank you. Write today,
> And
> > forward this email to all your contacts and ask them to write.
> >
> > .Dear colleagues:
> Below is NCADP's press release reacting to today's announcement that
> U.S. Supreme Court will not accept cert on the issue of whether to
> juvenile executions. As always, please use this press release in any
> that you find useful -- including replacing our name with yours, or
> your quotes, etc.
> To send an email message to the NCADP listserv, email
> To reply to the sender of the message, simply press "reply."
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> David Elliot, NCADP Communications Director
> 202-543-9577, ext. 16
> cell phone: 202-607-7036
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> Oct. 21, 2002 - Today's announcement that a divided U.S. Supreme
> Court will not act to halt the execution of juvenile offenders
> means opponents of such executions must refocus their efforts at
> the state legislative level, the National Coalition to Abolish
> the Death Penalty said Monday.
> The Supreme Court indicated that it has decided on a 5-4 vote
> that it will not hear the case of Kevin Stanford of Kentucky,
> who was 17 years old when he murdered a gas station attendant.
> Twenty-two states allow the execution of juvenile offenders,
> although just two states -- Alabama and Texas -- account for
> the majority of the approximately 80 juvenile offenders currently
> on death row. The past six juvenile offenders executed in the
> United States have been African American and all have been from
> Texas, including three executed this year, one executed in 2001
> and two executed in 2000.
> (Kevin is African-American.)
> Steven W. Hawkins, NCADP executive director, noted that a recent
> Gallup poll showed 69 percent of Americans oppose the death penalty
> for juvenile offenders and that state legislators increasingly are
> debating bills to ban the practice. Earlier this year, for example,
> the state of Indiana enacted a ban on juvenile executions, and since
> 2001 bills raising the minimum age for execution to 18 have passed
> one legislative chamber in Florida, Kentucky and Texas. Bills
> raising the age to 18 also have been introduced in an additional
> seven states -- Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri,
> Nevada, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.
> "No civilized society executes juvenile offenders," Hawkins said.
> "Juveniles have lesser capacity for reflective judgment and impulse
> control than adult offenders. We once believed the human brain was
> fully developed by age 14. We now know that the brain is still
> developing beyond the age of 17. Unfortunately, our criminal justice
> system has not kept pace with recent discoveries in the area of the
> behavioral sciences."
> Hawkins added that the execution of juvenile offenders in the United
> States is largely based on race and geography. "Texas has accounted
> for 13 of the 21 juvenile offender executions in the United States
> during the past two decades," he said. "Nine of the thirteen juvenile
> offenders executed in Texas have been African American or Latino.
> The death penalty in the United States disproportionately affects
> people of color and this is even more true when it comes to juvenile
> offenders."
> Finally, Hawkins said that when state legislators begin convening for
> their 2003 legislative sessions, they should apply the same reasoning
> to the execution of juvenile offenders that the U.S. Supreme Court
> this past summer applied when it decided to ban the execution of
> mentally retarded people. "The mind of a juvenile offender is by
> definition less developed than the mind of an adult," Hawkins said.
> "Juvenile minds do not handle social pressure, instinctual urges
> and other stresses the way that adult minds do. Juvenile offenders
> therefore cannot be held to the same degree of culpability as adults,
> just as mentally retarded people cannot be held to the same degree of
> culpability. We now ban the execution of mentally retarded offenders.
> There can be little justification for applying a different standard
> when it comes to juveniles."
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> The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty was founded
> in 1976 and is the only fully-staffed national organization
> devoted specifically to abolishing the death penalty. NCADP is
> comprised of more than 100 local, state, national and international
> affiliates.
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Phil in Paris
10-23-2002, 01:03 PM
Sherri please I need your help !! I've tried to write an e-mail to Governor Patton, but I'm rather unsuccessful ! It's too difficult for me to write this kind of letters in English. Could you please write one for me, and I'll copy and paste and e-mail to the governor ?
Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you with this !
All the best

10-25-2002, 05:15 AM
count me in for one of those letters too, im always having difficulties too!!!!