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08-07-2011, 10:35 AM
P.S. I have posted this rather long letter in several pertinent spots. Hope it helps anyone who was worried about their "person" and unsure about visiting procedures. i know I had lots of concerns and am now quite relieved.

Regarding Frontenac
I was just there yesterday for my first visit. It is right behind the castle/fortress like Collins Bay pen. You drive in and park. No gates or security until you are inside. You go into the main building and there is a set of lockers-cost 25cents which you get back so you can leave you purse, keys etc. in it. You take nothing in except your ID and a bag of coins for the vending machines. They did not have the IOn scanner running as they had the dog there. We were stood against a wall with our hand on our shoulders. The dog came by 2x then we had to turn and 2x again. After that it was a piece of cake. We went into the visiting lounge room and my son was called down. Other inmates were visiting, playing cards etc. We saw grandparents, mothers, parents, wives, children and grandchildren, friends, girlfriends etc. We visited inside for about 20 minutes. The washrooms are right there handy and were quite clean. After awhile we went out into this fenced in yard -no closed gates- where you are to spend your time. There is not even a gate or anything to prevent the inmates from walking off. They joke if they do they will get thrown over the wall into Collins Bay where no one wants to be.
We visited in the yard-just sat under a tree and a shade shelter-there was a lovely breeze and it was just like being in a park. We got there about 9 and left at 1. We had planned to go out for lunch but the Inmate Committee puts on a great BBQ on Sat & Sun. for families. We chatted with the 3 guys who were running it and they enjoy doing it. It is good for inmate morale and helps financially so families don't have to go and spend $50.00 on lunch after travelling. A cheeseburg with water/pop cost 2.00. The sausage I had with water was $2.25. The four of us ate and had drinks for $12.00- my son had to pay-he signs for it and it comes out of his money. I had just sent him a money order so he had enough. I could have left him money also at the front desk and it would be applied on Monday. The food was delicious. When we chatted with these 3 guys running it, they said they don't make anything on it. They also complimented my son (out of his hearing) and said how respectful and well mannered he was. They liked him and said he was doing well- he had a good head on his shoulders.
We talked alot about what life was like there. He said the food was good and he certainly was looking healthy. He was eating foods that he wouldn't have tried before and liking them- eg. bean salad and zucchini. There are gardens there that they tend and right now there is a lot of fresh produce. Apparently one guy in his dorm cooks stuff up at night- he's an amazing chef and makes all sorts of treats. They can take food with them in tupperware containers from the meals. They have frequent BBQ's and on the long weekend had lots of activities and tournaments going on. mini golf, football, chess, crib, baseball volleyball, soccer etc. His leg muscles were very sore as were a couple of other guys who had participated in a recent football game. They were able to get ADVIL.
Outside in the field visiting area the picnic tables were all spread out around. No one came near so everything was very private. No guards came out wandering around but it is under video surveillance. Some guys try to make out with their girlfriends but get caught if it looks too much. There are lots of kids around and there was playground equipment. At the 11 o'clock roll call, my son checked if he had to go back to his cell for it as he is being very careful not to abuse any rules. he didn't-the guards came around the visiting lounge and checked his name off. Everything was very low key there- the guards seemed fine and treated the inmates respectfully but firmly with regard to rules. They were very pleasant and helpful to us as 1st time visitors. Frontenac is very easy to find and very accessible if you have physical disabilities. I had heard it was the best place to do time in Canada-east of the Rockies and it sure looks it to me. My son is getting involved in lots of activities and has made a couple of "friends". He seems to be well liked by the others guys who passed him and spoke to him. It really sets my mind at ease that he is healthy and safe. There is nothing I can do about his sentence except be supportive and be there for his parole. He really appreciated our visit and knows we can't come too often due to distance. ( I could be in Vancouver in less time) My feet were swollen double in size by the time I got home. Heat and sitting too long) Hope this helps for any of you visiting Minimum security-particularly Frontenac.

08-07-2011, 06:38 PM
I am so glad it went well for you. I was thinking about you. Not sure when I will get to visit my son, and not sure where it will be, but I will make the most out of where ever it is.
He is regularly phoning now on the weekends mainly and he sounds good and that makes my heart feel so much better. As you said, nothing I can do on his sentence, but he will always know I love him unconditionally and am here for him. Best we can do isn't it!

08-07-2011, 08:15 PM
that's great! Glad to hear it.